Day of the Hunger Games!

Hello everyone! Well, I just had a super cool weekend and now it’s back to school for my third-last week. Sigh.

So on Sunday I went to the cinemas to watch The Day of the Doctor in 3D, and it was hands-down the best Doctor Who episode I’ve ever seen. And I want to share my thoughts on it, so if you haven’t seen it yet, beware the spoilers below and GO SEE IT!

I had a good seat, it’s just that the audience was very disruptive! The entire cinema was full, and they kept cheering/squealing each something completely amazing happened (such as the first appearance of Ten, the glimpse of Twelve, and that last conversation with Four/the mysterious curator). Also I couldn’t stop laughing at their sinister “ooh”s when they first saw the War Doctor. Basically everyone in the audience but me had a Sonic Screwdriver, which was very sad.

I adored every moment of it, except for one small thing. Seeing Billie Piper in the trailer made me look forward to a reunion scene between Eleven and Rose, or even just one last scene with Ten and Rose, but it wasn’t really Rose and only the War Doctor could see her. *sobs*

Well, overall it was fantastic. And afterwards I got to watch Carching Fire, which also was terrific. They barely missed any scenes out like they did with the last movie. My favourite part was seeing the roof of the arena collapsing towards the end of the movie.

That’s basically my rambling for today. Happy travels! 😀



2 thoughts on “Day of the Hunger Games!

  1. That’s so awesome that you got to see the Day of the Doctor in a cinema!! My city’s not cool enough to ever host anything!

    I totally agree with you about Rose. She wasn’t my favorite companion, but I feel cheated out of my excitement! *shakes fist* Moffat!

    CATCHING FIRE WAS SO GR9. How do they expect us to wait another ~2 years for both parts of Mockingjay??

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