It’s been a while, sooo…

Time for some life updates – of course, it’s always easy to spew out life updates to strangers on the Internet because you can keep your posts organised and think about what to say!

So, under the cut, you will find the magical world of school orientations, past and future parties, movie tickets, Doctor Who, Rizzoli & Isles, and NaNo updates.

I had heaps of fun last week at the orientation for my new school. I didn’t really learn anything new, except that school finishes at 2pm and stays open until 6pm! Which is super cool! I can just lounge around anywhere in the school with my friends until I finally want to go home. They did team-building activities at orientation, so I got to meet heaps of new people. Everyone is so interesting and I can’t wait to learn more about them! There’s a guy who wore a Doctor Who shirt to orientation, a Samoan-Chinese girl who skipped a grade like me, and a super awesome British girl who loves reading and drawing and shares exactly the same views as me on the Mortal Instruments series. I seriously cannot wait to get out of my current school and move to my new one, even though I know the work will be much harder.

On Sunday my friend Ashley had a birthday party which was fantastically amazingly great! We went for a morning cruise down the waterways, complete with drinks and snacks, before heading back to her place for a giant lunch of pizza, and a swim. The twenty of us played volleyball, which was really fun except for when I tried spiking the ball and managed to hit it over the fence. Me and two others had to go and retrieve it from Ashley’s scary neighbour! I think the only bad thing about the party was my painful sunburn afterwards, which still prevents me from carrying my school bag properly.

My other friend is organising another party for the 30th of November. Everyone invited is so excited, we couldn’t stop jumping up and down. It’s going to be a day trip to an adventure park, before we go up into the forest and have a sleepover in a cabin. And let’s not forget the movie theaters and midnight feasts and sneaking out at night to go on nighttime walks. If we get lost, that’ll make it all the more fun!

I won a voucher to see one movie at the cinemas, but you know what’s sad? It’s valid only at the one place The Day of the Doctor won’t be shown! Argh! Oh well – at least I will still have the choice of watching Catching Fire or Frozen.

Finally I’ve finished the revived series of Doctor Who, and am not in danger of reading spoilers online (which is a very real danger)! And my new semi-obsession is a cop show, Rizzoli & Isles, of which I’ve already seen three seasons. Also, I won a copy of The Great Gatsby movie in a competition, which is really cool. I love getting free stuff.

And to the inevitable NaNoWriMo updates: I thought about quitting my current novel and completing the 50k words through a joint effort of two novels, but after reading the website’s tips on Week Two blues, I’ve decided to keep going. The only problem is that I’m 5000 words behind par. Sigh.

So what’s going on in your lives? I’ve missed talking to you.



One thought on “It’s been a while, sooo…

  1. your school sounds totes awesome!! im glad youve met so many awesome friends already!! 😀 you are going to be so at home there, i can tell!!

    omg sounds like the bEST PARTY EVER!!!! im sorry about the sunburn though, those stink big time! D:

    a trip to an adventure park? and then a sleepover in a cabin?? ahhh that sounds so fun!!! i hope you guys have a blast!!

    uuugh i feel you online spoilers are the worst!! ive been trying to avoid tumblr (i know–what?!) for fear of frozen spoilers!! one of my friend read some of them and wants to spoil it for me but I WONT LET HER!

    oh i have heard of that show!!! ive never seen it but it looks really good!!

    omg great gatsby as in the leo dicaprio one?? OMg THE COSTUMES AND the sOUndTRACK AND THE SPECIAL EFFECTS AND SETS AAAAH
    its really intense but such a gREAT movie!! i super recommend the book if you havent read it!!

    youll make it no problem!! i remember last year you wrote like… 2X as much as you needed to? once your story gets into full swing you wont be able to stop it, and i look forward to seeing what you come up with!! 😀

    for me? ive been busy with sewing, college apps, sewing, school, sewing, frozen, and sewing

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