ok i said i would keep you guys updated on my anna costume

embroidery in progress

corset and skirt construction done


i hope you are all doing super great!! SO EXCITED FOR FROZEN!! also my friend let me out of my deal so thats good news!! *cue heavy sighs of relief*

are there any other movies you guys are super looking forward to? also, if you were writing a movie for disney animation studios, what story/genre would you go with?

im going to get the heckie out of here before wp starts to glitch up on me again

peeace frieends n stuff  (oh man hhere we go)


2 thoughts on “eyyo

  1. Whoa the costume looks amazing! I wish I could so easily make costumes like you – then I would cosplay every day. ;D

    I’m looking forward heaps to Catching Fire and The Day of the Doctor (which technically isn’t a movie, but it will be shown in cinemas, so meh…)!

    I do not have the skill to make any sort of film at all – I wouldn’t dare to defile Disney’s awesomeness!!

    1. hehe thanks!!! omg though my first costume?? ugh so bad! just liike anything, sewing comes easier with practice!

      omg yes!! and day of the doctor? whoa, that sounds awesome! i think it counts!

      hold on a MINUTE
      a published authoress is telling me she doesnt have the skill to make a film??? youd be excellent!!

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