Kwik Census

so ive kind of been totally obsessed with frozen lately

like more obsessed with it than i am with x-files or homestuck–THATS PRETTY BAD!! D:

but luckily, a lot of my friends are disney-fanatics, so we all talk about how EXCITED we are and omg its great


one friend

made a bet with me

and i kind of bet my soul

(well, ok, not my soul, but i might as well have!)

we were betting on who the couples would be!

my money is on: Elsa and Kristoff and Anna and Hans

her money is on: Kristoff and Anna

who do you think the couples will be?


4 thoughts on “Kwik Census

    1. ahahaha, no!…
      its worse

      i made it with my friend who takes this stuff REEEEEALLY seriously!!!
      (shes the one who got me into supernatural actually! i watched supernatural and she said shed read homstuck…. im kind of hoping she doesnt read it at this point because then i can use a “get out of jail” card if this deal goes sour for me!

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