omg i am so sorry about being massively negligent

like MASSIVELY massively negligent!!

but i have been SOOO BUSY

oh my god college apps are taking up so much of my time… as expected but still!! and we still have other classwork like a 20 pAGE PAPER OMG

so yeah ive had a lot on my plate! but hopefully when its all done i will be able to post more! 😀

my friends and i are planning an outing to disney world for mickey’s not so scary halloween party!! we went last year and had a TON of fun!!

so yes basically since i last posted art and costuming and school and extracurriculars and clubs and college apps and other stuff like that has consumed my life

i will hopefully be starting on some frozen costumes soon!! my friend wants to be elsa and i am going to be anna, so ill try to keep you guys up to date on that!!

i miss you all!! ❤ how have you been?


6 thoughts on “hibye

  1. You sound like you’re having fun, even though you’re massively busy! I’m so jealous that you can do that. And you have such awesome friends that cosplay with you! Ahgghtgheji I’m so jealous

    I’m good, really excited for the end of the year because afterwards I’m moving to my new school. Yay! How are you?

    1. Yes omg i am happiest when im like horribly up-until-4 busy!!

      living close to disney world is like the biggest treat in the world!! one of the colleges im looking at is like 10 minutes away from disney land so that may or may not play a huge part in my desire to go there…. (hehe they also have an awesome animation program so win/win!)

      😮 omg that sounds so exciting!! a new school, a new start!! i know youll make loads of great friends and looooove your classes! 😀

      im just busy but really excited!! my friend and i are about to start on our Frozen costumes and i found a BUNCH of super HD pics on google so now I can like see the textures of the fabrics and the SEAMS OMG im sorry im way too excited about this!!

  2. I met Mulan the last time I went to Disney world! And Frozen costumes? Sounds exciting! I’ve been bowling, going east for a tournament this weekend.

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