Umm… The weirdest thing just happened today. And it’s left me thinking: what? WHAT? WHAAAAAAT?

Could it possibly be that… Gasp… I have social skills?!?!?!?!???!!?

I think I made a new friend today, who is not connected to any of my original friends (which would make her easier to talk to). I was lining up for the bus, being antisocial as usual on my phone, when a Russian girl came up to me and told me she was scared about going the bus because she was new, and she asked if she could board it with me.

(Argument 1 against me having social skills: she came up to me, not the other way round.)

And then we had a conversation that lasted five minutes. :000000 omgwut? And without awkward silences, too! I have never had that with a stranger before.

(Argument 2 against me having social skills: if she’s the only stranger I’ve ever had a good convo with, it must be a special occasion.)

Her name is Marya, and she has a thick Russian accent which is super cool, because, like, no one at my school has an accent, despite half the students being of foreign background. Plus, she has natural red hair with tan skin, which is the oddest thing because I’ve never seen a tan redhead.

(Argument 3 against me having social skills: that must mean I don’t get out enough.)

Well, this was a pretty useless post, but I was just excited about making a new friend. Having all my classes with the same people kind of makes it hard to meet new people.

The first week of the last term has finally passed, and it’s a sweltering hot spring!! I can’t wait till summer because that’s storm season.

Also I’m going to use this weekend to continue planning my new novel for this November’s NaNoWriMo!!!!!!!!! Who else will be joining me as I write my way to a third novel? ;D


3 thoughts on “What?

  1. omg!! you have always been social and fun! 😀 you are too hard on yourself!!

    oh my gosh marya sounds GORGEOUS and awesome!! ill bet shes a great friend, and im so happy you got to meet her!!

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