On school and Doctors

Well, my friends, tomorrow I begin the terrifying journey of high school.

Last Monday was the orientation-type-thing. It was really informative and I’m super glad I went.

Buuuut, the inevitable bad points.

I already have the worst social life ever. How am I ever going to deal with being the awkward loner kid in every class? I’m not a friendly or sociable person. I smile and say hello, but otherwise I kind of give off the whole “don’t-talk-to-me” vibe. I don’t mind being alone when I am alone, but I don’t like being alone in a room full of people.

Not to mention how worried I am about academics. This year I will be taking all Honors and one AP class, which sounds all fine and dandy, but I really don’t think I am cut out for that!!

My schedule:

P1 — Biology. Alrighty, no problem! I like biology!
P2 — Wellness. Now, I have quite a problem with this. I don’t usually eat breakfast, which means I have no energy until lunch. I am also very, very, very bad at athletics. I can’t run a mile without feeling like bursting into tears and I can’t deal with the anxiety of having to perform pushups and such in front of others. Sad, isn’t it? I am a sad person.
P3 — Spanish. NO ME GUSTA
P4 — Human Geography. AHHH my AP class!! I’m going to flail around and essays and writing and I just ohno
P5 — Lunch! It’s lame because you can’t leave with permission, and then they advertise the last 30 minutes as time to finish up schoolwork and such.
P7– English. Mehhh. Essays and being forced to write and stuff and I just really miss my old English teacher and sigh run on incoherent sentences.
P8 — Geometry. My least favorite subject, at the end of the day, so I can stress about something for the entire morning and early afternoon. I’d give anything to switch the places between this and Wellness.

I’m also going to designate a whole section to lockers. O lockers, o lockers, you cause me much pain. I’m on the bottom this year, for the third time. The only upside is that I have one close friend beside me and another close friend several lockers away.

But the locks!!! How do??!?!! They are so difficult to wrench open, and if you’re not careful it’ll unset and then you won’t be able to close it. At all. Because the lock will be stuck. I thought my lock was just faulty at first, but then it turns out they’re designed that way!!! Why would you do that? You have to redo the combination in order to close the stupid thing. What kind of person would even think that is logical?!?!??! Why would I bother with that if I am rushing between classes?? LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR DESIGNER!!!!


I am not athletic in any way. I’m basically a weak, flimsy, noodle. As far as I can remember, I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever skated and swam. Swim team still makes me miserable.

Miles are a big part of the grade, and I think you have to make it under 10 minutes. I’m super lucky if I make a mile at 10 minutes!!

I’m a fast runner for short distance. But prolonged running eventually makes me want to puke. In a literal sense.

Not to mention all the endurance and strength tests, where they dedicate a week to pushups and pullups and pacers and UGH

Wellness was my only option since I don’t do a sport and quit band years ago. Fate is so cruel. I didn’t see that one coming back to bite me when I was 12. My friend informed me that you only have to take Wellness for one year, which I didn’t know, but I am really hoping that she is right!!!

Perhaps I always manage to find the cynicism in everything…but that is simply in my nature.

I am completely unprepared! I know that most people pack their bag and plan an outfit and map the school and etc etc, but I have done absolutely nothing. I don’t really know what to do.

Spoilers on Doctor Who under the cut!!!!

The twelfth Doctor was announced A couple days ago! I watched the special on a livestream while simultaneously shrieking inwardly. The interviews were cool and all, I guess, but all I wanted to do was to get to the end and find out who the Doctor’s new incarnation would be!

When the announcer finally cut to the chase, my heart was pounding.

Are you ready?

Peter Capaldi!

I don’t really know who he is, and I haven’t really seen any of his works. But I think it’s really awesome that he was a Whovian! Forty years ago!

And guess what?? He was also in one of my favorite episodes, “Fires of Pompeii”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He played a marble merchant, Caecilius. My personal headcanon is that he was actually the 12th Doctor while in that episode! Whether he was aware that he was a Time Lord, or he captured its essence in a fob watch with a Chameleon Arch (my personal guess), anything is possible.

If you consider the possibility that the 12th Doctor landed in Pompeii and met Donna and his 10th past self, these are some things to think about:

  • He assumed the 10th Doctor and Donna were together. The 12th Doctor ships the DoctorDonna!

  • Perhaps he even went to Pompeii…just to see Donna again.

  • Without Donna, the 10th Doctor would have abandoned the 12th Doctor to die and be buried by pumice. However, Donna was the one that convinced him to rescue at least one family. And to quote the Doctor, “Oh, Donna Noble. You’ve saved my life in so many ways.”

My super fangirl tendencies aside, I hope you are all having a great summer! Wish my luck for tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “On school and Doctors

  1. Oh wow, good luck with high school! ^^ For me, going into high school wasn’t so bad because I had a friend and we always had the same class, and then over the months I really got to know others in the class! I’m sure you’ll meet tons of cool new people you thought could never exist, like I did!

    Good luck with Sport, too.

    Argh, I really need to get around to finally watching Doctor Who. I just haven’t spared the time.

  2. We have some of the same classes at the same time… Too bad we don’t go to the same school.

    I hate those lockers. Thankfully, ours don’t have locks installed into them.I’d take my entire 4 minutes of class trying to figure out how to get my things.

    I’m taking Band because I hate gym(Exercise is not my friend). And I’m good at playing my instruments. I guess. Good luck with Wellness, though. It doesn’t sound very fun.

    My sister and I watched the Doctor Who announcement show or whatever. We were pretty excited. My family’s seen a couple of his works.

    Hope High School is going well.

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