I didn’t wait all year for nothing.

So the Sea of Monsters movie is coming out tomorrow.


Oh my gosh, it’s about time! I waited long enough for a trailer in April, then I made a countdown on my iPad. Oh gosh… *squee*

Mr. Freudenthal, the director, better not have screwed this up. Mr. Columbus already messed up The Lightning Theif when it came to the trueness to the books. Let’s hope this would be better. Blond Annabeth. Tyson. Clarisse. Mr. D. Already good signs.


Not so much a good sign. I hope that’s not who I think it is. If this is who I think it is, then there goes the possibility of any other movies. There goes any mentions of the Huntresses of Artemis (fun fact, a Huntress of Artemis group was my very first RP group!). There goes the epic battle in Manhatten in The Last Olympian. *sigh*

Well, I can only hope for the best. My mom dragged me to the first PJ movie (before you say anything, that was before I even discovered Poptropica). Now, I’m going to feel like I’m dragging her XD .

I’ll be prepared with an orange shirt and my lightning bolt earrings tomorrow. A huge grin on my face to boot.

And you’ll be glad that I can finally shut up about it since that’s all I’ve been posting about here XD… well, I’ll post a review and stuff. Then I can shut up about it XD.

3 thoughts on “I didn’t wait all year for nothing.


    And I’m really hoping that screenshot is some nasty like cyclops that they really really screwed up. Or part of a dream. Dream yes. THAT SOUNDS WONDERFUL.

    I love who they casted for Mr. D. He has the right amount of sass.

  2. This one looks much better than the first one. I’ll probably see it when it comes out on DVD.

    I haven’t read the books in forever, though. Maybe I should pick one up again.

    Did it live up to your expectations?

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