I don’t really have any aim for this post, but I felt like talking to you guys. So… I’ll just ramble on and hope it doesn’t bore you all too much.

One word: braces. Things that give immense pain and annoy you and stop you from eating anything actually yummy. And I’ve got them, and I want to kill my orthodontist for putting them on me. My teeth hurt like hell as they adjust and they’re so tender than I can’t even bite into soft bananas. Not to mention the stupid ends of the wires poking into my cheeks and giving me ulcers. ERRRRGH.

Well, glad I got that out of me.

After I got back from France (I promise I will write about my trip… soon…) I realised my secret ambition was to fake my death, run away to France and become a professional assassin. When I’m high enough in the killing hierarchy I’ll stop working for others and launch my own secret organisation with my two other assassin buddies. We’ll blow up the Eiffel Tower with fireworks and take over the Versailles palace and the medieval castle Haut-Koenisbourg. And we’ll live in Strasbourg and go exploring in Colmar.

Of course my parents don’t know this – they still think I want to become a researcher/scientist type person and get a PhD at 21. I suppose that’ll be my backup plan if the whole assassin thing doesn’t work out.

I think I want to write short stories about people like that. Assassins, I mean. Is it a good idea?

Nicola out


4 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Ouch!! Braces! They do hurt, but I promise it will go away soon. My advice is to take up swimming or hanging out with friends to distract yourself from the pain. It definitely worked with my spacers and rubber bands, which for your sake I hope you don’t get! As for the wires, did your orthodontist give you wax? You can take bits of it and then shape it to the ends of your wires and brackets. It’ll stop them from tugging so much at your gums!

    In the end, you’ll be very pleased with having gotten braces. Wearing a retainer every night sucks, but when I look at how much my teeth have improved, I’m glad I got them!

    I think that’s a great plan for your future. I wish you luck in going through with it!

    A story about assassins would be great! I think you can totally pull it off!

    1. I was given wax, but I feel so aware of that foreign thing in my mouth that each time I put it on I can’t stand it for more than five minutes! Luckily though, I don’t have any rubber bands, and I’m pretty sure I don’t have spacers (though I don’t know what they are), and my system of braces doesn’t need tightening or replacing at all. 😉

  2. Your orthodontist should have cut the wires if they’re poking into your cheeks… Otherwise you’ll get used to the pain it lasts a little longer on the first time then when you get them changed. Wax never really worked for me, but I’d try it!

    I hope you can still eat mashed potatoes… Or soup! Some soup is good.

    And stories about assassins would be amazing!

    1. They did cut it, but I suppose not very well. Wax doesn’t work for me, either. At least my braces don’t need tightening of whatever! And even better, I’ve got this machine called AcceleDent that cuts my time with braces in half.

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