Laptop + faction + Good Bye, Lenin!

Another three-parter. Only with four parts. Behold, ranting and rambling, my two fortes!

Also, Ana and I were discussing another chat get-together. Here is her comment:

It would have to be around daytime, though, so most people could make it.. Hmm.. Oh, I have an idea!
What if you made a post about planning to get together soon at the chat!? Then we could all discuss what times/days work! :D

So, is everyone free anytime soon? 8)

EDIT: iamsoexcitediamsoexcitediamsoexcitediamsoexcitedIAMSOEXCITED

My laptop is here!

*begins dancing a jig on table*

Well, I better not put my desk under such stress.

When the FedEx guy came, he gave me an electronic pad and random pen to sign with. Out of habit, I clicked the pen to unleash the point. Then the delivery man looked at me like I was a massive idiot. Gah…I’m sorry! Normally when people give me pens, it’s for paper!

The laptop is so shiny and lightweight and shiny and great! I can’t wait for the decal to arrive, too.

The only issue is Windows 8. I think the design is superb and the speed is top-notch, but its interface is REALLY user-unfriendly. (? Unuser-friendly? Nonuser-friendly?)

Like, why is there no Start button? What’s with all the completely useless apps? WHY does it take more than four clicks to shut down the dang computer?

I’m still experimenting with the touchpad options, but I get annoyed every time I move my finger and something random pops up. I can’t disable it. I’d like the two-finger scroll only if I could reverse its direction, like I can on a Mac.

Even more infuriating, WHY is everything on my laptop smooth except for the touchpad? WHY does it need tiny little bumps on it? My finger does not need that texture and stress!

At least the design’s super snazzy. I like the lock screen, too! I’m still messing around with customization, though.


Guh. I’d fall in love with my laptop if I had my old files and Windows 7.

Anyway, July’s been so lazy. At least I’ve watched a lot of TV and read a bit.

I’m already midway through season two of Futurama and a little past season two of Teen Wolf. I’ve watched the first two episodes of Game of Thrones, but I don’t want to go any further since I haven’t gotten too far in the book.

I’m also reading 1984 and Divergent, which is a lot better than I had expected. The factions thing is cool, but it has led me to think about which one I would be apart of!

A little backstory if you haven’t read Divergent:

During the faction test, Tris is put through a simulation where she has to choose between a knife and cheese. Then, an angry dog comes in. Tris shows submission and then pats it. The dog turns to a little girl and is about to attack when Tris instead leaps on the dog to stop it. She’s transported to a bus where a man is reading a newspaper article about a murder. Tris vaguely recognizes the suspect, and when the man yells if she knows the murderer, she lies.

So then, Tori, the supervisor, explains it this way:

If you chose the knife, you show an aptitude for Dauntless (bravery) and a weakness for Amity (peace). If you chose the cheese, you show an aptitude for Amity and a weakness for Dauntless.

If you chose to protect the little girl, you show an aptitude for Abnegation (selflessness). If you didn’t, then you showed a weakness.

If you told the truth about whether you know the man, you show an aptitude for Candor (honesty) or Abnegation. If not, then a weakness.

If you showed intelligence in your actions, you show an aptitude for Erudite (intelligence).

When I was reading, this was running through my mind:

I would have chosen the cheese, then offered it to the dog in an attempt to befriend it. I would not have jumped on the dog since I would be afraid to hurt it, but I would warn the girl. I would not tell the man the truth, since his angry yelling would scare me, as would the consequences.

I guess this rules out three for me: Dauntless, Abnegation, and Candor.

Since I don’t really find my choices smart, I would probably lean toward Amity. But then again, I never thought of myself as peaceful, so perhaps I would be factionless!

What about you guys? What would you do, and what faction would you score?

Whoops, another quick topic jump!

I watched Good Bye, Lenin! recently, which is a film I have wanted to see for AGES. Since it’s German and in German, I never found a suitable link for me, which is always a setback when you enjoy foreign films. (Thanks all the deities above for Netflix)

But I finally found one with English subtitles! I was totally not prepared for the onslaught of tears and laughter.

It’s about this German guy, Alex Kerner, who lives in a recently unified Berlin. His mother has a heart attack and falls into a coma, and during that time, the wall comes down. Since she was a staunch communist supporter and the doctor warned Alex to not surprise her with anything, he and his sister have to figure out how to fool their mother into thinking East Berlin and West Berlin are separate.

I had expected to watch a nice little historical drama, but it’s actually HILARIOUS. It has all these little jabs and jokes and I cracked up a lot.

But it’s also very heartbreaking, and sad at many times. I broke down crying just as much as I laughed. I was a wreck by the end.

It also has a lot of political and familial insight, which strangely runs very deep and sentimental for such a comedic movie.

In the end, I don’t think it made a statement about politics or health, or a statement about happiness…but instead, a statement about humanity.

If you want to watch it, here is a YouTube link! Or just the trailer, so you can watch a bit of it.

Seriously. A++++ would recommend.

And the soundtrack…beautiful!


4 thoughts on “Laptop + faction + Good Bye, Lenin!

  1. I have to put watching that movie on my to-do-one-of-these-days list; it sounds interesting! Congrats with the new computer; maybe you could write suggestions on how to improve it to Windows. If they don’t change anything, at least you could say you tried– and besides, companies *want* feedback, right?

  2. I think I’m available most of this week. Not so much afternoons for you guys and probably not on Monday or Friday.

  3. I’m free until August.

    Windows 8 is pretty easy to figure out once you’re used to it. The only problem is turning it off. (Which I’ve heard is going to be fixed in an

    I can’t read/watch anything, because I’ve got AP English crap to do. They gave us our requirements last minute.

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