Doctor Who Fans, UNITE!

Recently, I’ve become a fan of Doctor Who. (Thanks a lot, Rainfall. I watched an episode because of you and now I’m addicted.) Anyway, on to some (rather depressing) news.

For starters, after the 50th anniversary episode, Matt Smith will be leaving the show, to be replaced by the 12th Doctor. But the question on everyone’s mind is:

“Who’s Next?”

I personally have seen names popping up everywhere: from Prince Harry to Harry Styles, from Daniel Radcliffe to me, and basically any other British person who’s name you’ve learned. Anyway, I believe it would be nice to explore more around the 8.5th Doctor (Look him up, he’s real..), or the “Non-Doctor” if you will. Give that around a season to let the usual series take a breather, leave off the regeneration into the 12th Doctor as a cliffhanger, and then introduce the 12th Doctor whenever Series 9 comes.  I honestly think that’s the path, but if they want to do something good with this 50th anniversary show, I suggest they take one of the following paths:

1. Turn the Doctor into a bloody WOMAN already.

2. Have David Tennant return. David Tennant is hot. *NO HOMO.*

3. Have all the Doctors come back for some wibbly wobbly timey wimey sequence with flashbacks during the regeneration process of past regenerations.


So, in short, that’s it, pretty much. Blake out. Peace.


One thought on “Doctor Who Fans, UNITE!

  1. Hurrah! Another Whovian to my army! *throws head back and cackles*


    I am sad about Matt Smith, but strangely I don’t feel too bad! Change is always welcome! (Especially a change in head writer…hint hint wink wink nudge nudge) Unfortunately, his leave comes too soon!

    Hmm, none of the Harry’s please! I think Benedict Cumberbatch would be amazing as a sarcastic, cynical Doctor! I would be all over that. But he makes a nice Sherlock already, and I think a more unknown actor would be better.

    Also, John Hurt was great as 8.5!

    1. Yes! Or change his race, or give him three ears!

    2. Ehehehehe, I know right? 😉

    3. Actually, you must have some kind of telepathic powers! In the 50th anniversary, 10 and Rose will reappear, along with (maybe) Mickey and Martha and their child. It’s all speculation, but I’m crossing my fingers that Donna will be there too (PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASEEE). Steven Moffat confirmed that all 11 Doctors will make an appearance, but I don’t see how that will work out, exactly…

    They also did something like that before where 10 and 5 meet, as well as an even older short where 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 all converge as well. You can find them on YouTube, I’m sure!

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