iam what doing??


The boy’s hands shook as his eyes scanned the book’s weathered pages, alarmed at the prospect of such immense power. The path to such a life would be nothing but bloodstained and murderous, but such consequences had no lingering effect on him.

“What are you doing?” called a sudden voice. “You have no authorization to be here.”

The boy closed the tome with a snap, the blue glow immediately cut off. “Why would I need any authorization?” He laughed genially, as if telling a pleasant joke. “Don’t you see? I am a descendent of the gods.”

The man hesitated, clearly intimidated by the younger’s sinister appearance. “Such actions and words are very, very prohibited. You are in a world of trouble.”

The walls around him burst in a shower of glass as the windows erupted. An agonized yell emanated from the room.

“Luckily for me, no one will ever know.”

Welp, it turns out I’m restarting RA’s Adventures. I had originally planned to finish everything and then post it in one glob, but you guys really motivate me! So I suppose I’m going to post it in individual chapters here.

I was writing her first book for Camp NaNo, and I was actually doing pretty well, but then I strayed away from a computer for a couple days and now I’m 4000 words behind. I could catch up, but you underestimate my laziness.

I just have really bad luck with computers. My first one was a beautiful silver and black G60, amazing to use! It had all my files on it — my Doctor Who soundtracks, my stories, my photos…but the hard drive is broken. If anything else was broken, I could get everything back! But apparently, when the hard drive is all broke-y, it’s super complex to retrieve everything.

And then, next came my sister’s old MacBook that she didn’t need anymore. It was great! I really love using Apple’s software; it’s really easy and simple to figure out. Even after 5-6 years of use, the speed was pretty good. However, she gave me a broken laptop. Messing up the battery was my fault, but the faulty brightness was hers. I managed to temporarily fix it, but one day it gave up on me. And so ended the legacy of the ill-fated Mac…

Lately I have been using my parents’ really slow laptop. It’s impossible to use without tearing my hair out. But I’m finally getting my own! I originally wanted a Mac, but the prices are all >$1000 — DEFINITELY waaaay out of my budget.

I settled for a cheap HP. It’s got a 4.3/5 rating, so that’s all neat and well! I’m only concerned about Windows 8, which apparently sucks unless you have touchscreen — which I won’t. Sigh.

I’m pretty excited. Wish me luck so I don’t end up exploding this one, which is all too likely!

Chapter one coming soon! (I still don’t have a title! Suggestions?)

Nicola reminded me. I still have to write about the trip to China, which I was very strangely hyperactive about. Yay for sleep deprivation? I hate how summer manages to do that to me.


I have all the more reason to be suuuuuppppeeerererjerkerkjekrjerjodk929!!!! excite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered this SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT laptop decal! (click photo for source)

Only two problems:

  1. I didn’t order a Mac. So I am crossing my fingers that it will fit, even though the size of the decal and the size of the laptop are…kind of the same. (this is the Captain America jacket fiasco all over again)
  2. There’s a stupid giant HP logo on the laptop I bought that takes up 25% of the space. My old one had one too, but it was the size of a quarter!!

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