7/28/16: If you’re reading this, go read the rewrite instead. Or read this, then the rewrite, and be thankful you don’t have to suffer through my “writings” on a weekly basis anymore. 

What’s this? FoxFace wrote a one shot that wasn’t about Camille? And it’s kinda not trash? Is this real?

Loosely based on: The song Radioactive by the Imagine Dragons.

Le Summary: Our unnamed protagonist has fun with a new discovery.

Author’s stupid ramblings: I hope I didn’t take too long on getting to the point. I wanted some background before I got there. This has potential for a continuation, but I have no motivation.

Her earliest memories were of war and the cavern that served as shelter for the people of her city. It wasn’t much, but it was called home by many.

When she turned fifteen, however; the surface was deemed livable again, and everyone began work on their new homes.

Life up there was much more satisfying. She soon discovered the sun burned her pale skin and lightened her dark hair, as well as many of the other citizens. The natural, non-recycled air made her feel the best she had in years.

The surface still had piles of rubble and suspicious looking puddles filled with a green substance she was immediately told not to touch, but it was the new place many called home.

Picking up a rock, she threw it at the suspicious puddle. It dissolved on contact. She made a face, noting to watch her step from now on.

Soldiers marched everywhere, looking for escapees. Some noticed her and watched with interest, but she was soon passed off as non-threatening when they saw her looking through the pile of rubble for something interesting to mess with.

It was mainly broken glass (useless) some clear, some pretty pastels, rocks(may be of some use), and bits of steel (She’d have to tell the other citizens about that.). Remains of buildings, probably.

The scary part of her walk was the propaganda. Definitely new. Pictures of “Our Leader” were everywhere.

She wasn’t too sure about Our Leader. He was already on the surface when she and the other citizens came up, and promised them a new, happier life. He told stories of a rebuilt city: a system of transportation and everything.

But none of this was actually happening. Most of the citizens were either being forced to be soldiers or build buildings.

She, on the other hand, was still too young for forced labor. As long as she didn’t make too much noise and follow the rules, she was alright in Our Leader’s eyes.

The problem with this? She didn’t like any of the rules he had set for the citizens of City 11.

Rule Number 26 was the most terrifying.

Escaping will not be tolerated and is punishable by death.

She continued walking until she found more rubble to look through. She found a big, metal spoon that might be of some use to the lady that always made stew, and a few items for mother.

She was about to leave when her foot kicked something. The tube shaped object rolled across the dirt. Sliding off the pile, she got a closer look at this mysterious object. Black and white. Had something written on it.

Magic rker

There’s nothing magic about a stick, She thought, picking the object up.

Maybe there was something useful, or magical, like the tube advertised, inside. She pulled at it until she heard a pop. She now had a black lid in one hand, and the white part in the other.

The white part had a black tip. She tapped it curiously. No damage was done, except for a black dot on the finger she’d touched it with.

She dragged the tip along her arm. A streak of black was left behind.

It made marks. She looked at the tube again. Maybe it was supposed to say Magic Marker.

She looked at the propaganda. Then at her new discovery. Then back at the propaganda again.

It was made for markings after all.

She walked as quickly as possible to the nearest poster of Our Leader. Lifting her discovery, she touched it to his face and began to draw.

She giggled as she worked on her masterpiece.

Our Leader now had a mustache, a unibrow, and she’d even given him some glasses.

“Stop defacing Our Leader,” a soldier barked, lunging toward her.

Another soldier held him back and laughed. “Relax, She’s just playing,” he said, “I can replace it before Our Leader even notices.”

The soldiers walked over to her, looking at her artwork while trying to keep serious.

“Miss,” One of them said, “I’d like to advise you to stop marking on the face of Our Leader. Go take your new toy and leave.”

She nodded and saluted both of the men as she walked away.

She heard a few snickers in the distance. “Look at his little glasses! And the mustache!”

A smile was seen on her lips as she walked back home to show the citizens her new discovery.


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