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It told me that WordPress wasn’t blocked in China. Well, imagine my surprise when I couldn’t get through! Betrayal!!!! (maybe I should have checked the citation first.)

So I anxiously spent a month away from this beloved blog. :'((( There was one point where I got through due to my sister’s boyfriend’s FIANCÉ’S  (WHAT) VPN. But I only skimmed a couple posts before I ran out of time because I told him I was checking Facebook.

Once I’m free, three things are on my schedule:

  • commenting on and reading all posts
  • brushing my teeth (I have not attended to my hygiene in 48+ hours!)
  • a MASSIVE 300000000-word post about my trip

I was a total wuss before. I had a really nice time, though there were some things I missed in the states (such as air conditioning, pizza rolls, and an actual mattress!) and I can’t wait to ramble!! Please excuse my giddiness.

So, first we drove two hours to Shanghai and waited two hours. Then we took a 10-hour flight to LA. Then we went through Customs, argued about if there were any direct flights to Nashville, broke a suitcase, then waited three hours and took a 5-hour flight to NYC. Then we had to switch airports from JFK to LGA, and waited another two hours BEFORE FINALLY EMBARKING ON THE TWO HOUR FLIGHT TO NASHVILLE!!!!!!uu

But I’m home! And that feels great. And I can’t wait to finally retake my place here! Plus, you’re all stuck with me for the entirety of summer. Sorry.

My body is still in the wrong time zone and I really just ZZZzzzzZzzZZZzzzzZzZZz


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