Life Updates & Nanowrimo!

Oh my golly goodness! It has been an absolute while folks! I know, I haven’t posted in here since what… March! Holy Tardis! Wow, I am extremely sorry everyone. I just didn’t find the time anymore to write a complete post, I found it waay easier to be on Tumblr and Instagram. But I suppose I may be back for the summer, since I am not doing anything special.

So, what has been going on in my life you say? (I know you didn’t ask but I will force you to ask anyways.)

Not much really. I am so ecstatic to get eighth grade over and done. It was probably the worst year of middle school for me. All my friends (minus a few) ditched me, and I felt myself feeling increasingly alone and unwanted. As well, due  to my annoying so called ‘friends’ they got me (forced) into some drama. Which hey was not great at all. As well, I failed a lot. Like I did not make AP Biology (which is a good thing because I’m doing Marching Band AND Volleyball. We will get to that in a bit) and I did not make Symphonic Winds which is the second highest band but not my fault the stupid band director did not tell us there was no room for bass clarinets so I am wait listed. I am crossing my fingers that one of the bass clarinets is going to move into Wind Ensemble and I shall have my rightful, earned place! Due to this my GOAL is to make All County and All State and be absolutely flawless in band so I can laugh in Mr. Benner’s face when sees how good I am and put me in my rightful place. I am not egoistic just revenge driven no worries.

So high school? Yep, I am going next year and I am not really nervous. I mean augh the work load I am worried about  but I am overjoyed to meet new people and have a fresh start. I am going to go to marching band which I am SO excited for! It looks so fun and everybody was so sweet. (I had a mini camp two weeks ago and so long story short for now I am known as “The Girl Who Likes Doctor Who” and/or “The Tiny Indian Girl Who Can Fit Into A Sousaphone!”) And then I am trying out for the volleyball team which would be cool but I have been thinking if I do not get in I could do cross country or whatever to get in shape. God, I have to start practicing running that mile. Oh JOY.

And ever since I have last saw you I have been fandom CRAZED. I am part of what tumblr would call SuperWhoLocked. I am watching Doctor Who, just finished Doomsday. Which oh my dalek  was soo sad, I was sobbing a waterfall. And then theres my books, The Maze Runner, Divergent, and others I cannot name.

I am SO obsessed with John Green right now, I have read The Fault in Our Stars, Looking For Alaska and half of An Abundance of Katherines (which I had too return) And wow I just love him so much, his writing too! TFIOS made me cry too 😦 Why am I reading so many sad books? No clue.


So Nanowrimo! I am going to participate in Camp Nanowrimo in July. And I am absolutely confused. What is with the cabin mates, what are you supposed too do, is it just like Nanowrimo?  What do you get when you finish, does your book get published?

So if any of you could explain I would be very happy 🙂

My story for Camp Nanowrimo is called “The Strings of Fate” and it is about a center of disabled/troubled youth. It revolves around the life of 4 students. Wyatt who is a drug addict, Teresa a girl with multiple personalities, Amelia a former cheerleader now sent to the bottom with depression and Reed your average everday rebel you would not want to mess with, who thinks setting things on fire is a hobby? And it simply goes through their lives and such. It is going to be a lot better when I write it, I assure you!

And for Nanowrimo I probably will enter A Game of Bloody Hearts, just so I can rewrite and just plan and yeah.

I have this lovely Word Document with my plans for my story. I was just working on the characters next I will move into the school and yadada.

So have a lovely day everyone 🙂 See you all sometime later!


5 thoughts on “Life Updates & Nanowrimo!

  1. I agree, Tumblr is a lot easier to be on.

    I’m just worried about finding my classes and getting there on time. I’m doing marching band, too.

    I’m mainly in the Portal fandom(No one really gets into shipping wars. It’s great.) , but I do enjoy SuperWhoLock on my Tumblr dash.

    That sounds like a great story. I’d love to read it when you finish it. 🙂

    1. It is very very

      I know! I am so going to get lost! Whoop! Marching Band buddies 🙂 we should talk about our experiences!

      Portal fandom? What is that? I have never heard of that fandom before! Ah superwholocked ❤ god i am so addiced

      Thanks! I am working on the first chapter! I am trying to write some of my story so I can be caught up on my vacation in July! Have you thought of doing it?

  2. I’m so sorry about 8th grade! Loneliness and drama are some of the worst things to overcome, but I have faith in you and a new start. High school is definitely a new portal to a new beginning where you can bring your old self in as well. It’s taking me a long time to realize this, but it all takes baby steps.

    Don’t sweat it! Being involved in high academics isn’t everything, and AP is definitely a super tough thing to keep up with, so please don’t feel bad about not making it! I think you’ll have a lot of fun with your other extracurriculars. I hope a spot opens up for you! That’s pretty awful for the band director to not tell you something as important as that!

    SuperWhoLock! SuperWhoLock! 8D (although I’m really only part of WhoLock ^^;)

    I love John Green! It’s really great to see how much success he’s having! Might I suggest vlogbrothers? It’s a Youtube channel he runs with his brother, Hank. They also have a lot of other channels where they teach literature, science, and history (<3<3<3), play video games, etc. etc.

    Cabinmates are other Camp NaNo users you get put with. You can support each other, discuss your novels, and just have silly conversations! Camp NaNo is pretty much NaNoWriMo, but you get to set your own word count. I don't think they have anything to do with publishing your book, but I'm sure you can find an editor or self publish after lots of reading over and editing!

    I love your idea! Good luck!

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