It’s been a while…again.

I’ve been meaning to post for a long time, but each time I didn’t have enough to say to make a meaningful post, so I decided to compile all those short posts into one long posts, so as not to waste time/annoy people.

I owe most of my misery to academics and extra curriculars this year, and I’ve been super busy, as shown in my post count from this year (which may or may not be hovering around zero). Most of the blame for my cramped time goes to swimming which I’ve become more serious about this past year.. I’m pretty proud of myself, because I’ve improved a lot. Practice hours have stretched so long, and ended up taking up lot of time that could have been used studying, and well…I’ve gotten through exams pretty well, but not as well as I am capable of.

In the fall & winter I was super busy with band, and I was very lucky to make it into several honor bands, which was such a fun experience. One of my directors was Robert W. Smith, who is an incredible director and composer.

I’m also pretty stressed about moving schools. For high school, I’m transferring to this prestigious private school :P. Everyone is excruciatingly friendly and nice there. Being an unsocial person, this unnerves me. However, I get to take some pretty fun “related arts” classes that I’m excited about and aren’t offering at my zoned local public high school.

One last thing that I’m hyped about: I just won a recent poster contest! The first place prize is $50 (which is actually a bit lame, but I’m grateful anyway), so I look forward to spending it.

I’ll try to post more from now on (though that’s what I said last time..), but I don’t want to annoy everyone with like short posts that say nothing except “hi”.

Have a nice day 🙂


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