A series of rhetorical questions.



Why does my school end mid-late JUNE? While most of you end/had ended THIS MONTH? I mean, I haven’t even taken my FINALS yet. I haven’t done any end-of-year thing-a-ma-jigs yet. The only thing is a statewide Bio exam, blah blah blah… WHY BIO OF ALL THINGS?


Anyways, my birthday is getting closer asklgwgoah


Why does it have to be like this every year ever since I grew too old to play with toys? *sigh*

Why do I keep drawing the same things over and over again?  Why do I keep on talking about the same old things? Why am I thinking about the same things? Why do I jump around and dance in my room with my headphones on only to find Mom or Dad Tomato looking at me and I just stand there like an idiot? Why? These are all rhetorical (is that spelled right?) questions.

BT out from this topicless rant.

6 thoughts on “A series of rhetorical questions.

  1. I have an end of course exam on Biology too! I think it’s dumb because biology doesn’t use as much math as some science classes, and it’s mostly memorization techniques and pictures. I don’t get out of school till June 18th so you are definitely not alone. At least you don’t have statewide math tests. I had a geometry and an algebra one. Luckily I passed both.

    1. Thank you, someone else who gets out in June! I don’t feel so alone anymore 🙂

      And I know, right? Why randomly “hey, let’s hand out a statewide BIO exam!”?

      … I have no clue.

  2. Awww man I’m sorry your school gets out so late!! D: But even though I’m done with school I go back like August 15th, so it DOES come back to bite me in the bottom ^^”

    Hm… you could just ask for money? It’s kinda boring but you can use it for anything anywhere, so if you’re ever in a jam you can just be like SHAZAM I have CASH!!! But I’m with you, I never know what to ask for!

    Maybe once you draw whatever it is that is plaguing you like 6789876 times it will be out of your system! and omg people always come in at the weirdest part of ipod jam outs!


    1. Well, true.

      I did say that I wanted a video game, but I don’t know what else.

      The whole reason I jam out is because my mind goes off into a whole other dimension and… Um… Yeah.

      *blinks, surprised to see a mini comic in a comment* LOL. That’s what I like when I met Dr. J. I mean, hello? His name is technically in his name! … OMZ, you should’ve seen the look on my face the first time I saw him in that game…

      1. Oh, I hope you get that video game!! ^^

        Other dimensions are great!! I totally feel you.

        I know right!? It’s like ok, fluffy white beard? Check. In a prison for criminal villains (even though he’s working there)? Check. NAME OF A ROMAN GOD? CHECK!!!

  3. If it makes you feel any better, you get to start school later than everyone who gets out in May!! 8)

    Happy early birthday!! I hope you have a great one! I suggest asking for gift cards, cash, or a trip to the moon~ Then you can spend it on anything you want, and if not, then at least you get to visit the moon!

    I love ranting. It’s the best!

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