So, I finally finished my novel on the 17th of this month! I renamed it Black as Obsidian, and it ended up with 70.8k words, which I’m quite proud of. It took me a while to finish, in between watching Frasier and relentlessly munching on Pringles.

I managed to introduce one friend to the Sherlock fandom, so I now I have someone to squeal to. And I finally got to around to watching Start Trek: Into Darkness and it was incredibly engaging. It was even better than the first Start Trek movie. Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing as an evil guy! 😀

I also have three Writing Buddies now! This is amazing! I used to just drown out my teachers’ voices in Science, SOSE and French and work on my novel alone, but now there are three people doing it with me. (Well, my main Writing Buddy has been writing with me since halfway through April, but two more have said they will also join our writing cult.) And these three Buddies are going to be doing Camp Nano in July, so hooray!

For July Nano, I debated on whether to do the next installment in the Parallel series, with Pandora and everything, or start an entirely new series set in modern times, and eventually decided on starting something new. It would be best to take a break from Pandora and her unending melodrama.

I’m not quite sure what will happen in my new book, but I do have certain ideas, and I’ve been doing research and fleshing out these ideas.

Basically, there’s this girl called Anastasia Holloway who’s sixteen and lives in Dover, in South East England. Dover is the closest point in England to France, with only 34km between Dover and Cap Gris Nez of France. This is ideal, because it allows for easy travel between England and France.

Anyway, Anastasia Holloway is the daughter of the head of quite a small business, with several branches based in the county of Kent. Dover, however, is where the main branch is. The business is Holloway Lucid Dreamers (see, I’ve been too obsessed with lucid dreaming), a business that hires LDIs. An LDI is a Lucid Dream Inducer and is trained to get to know clients and teach them how to lucid dream. They may want to apply for the company’s service for several reasons: either they have nightmares, want to explore their inner self or just want to try it for fun.

Lyson Rogers is one of these clients. He’s a twenty-two-year-old man recently released from jail. He’s been in there for a long time, having been wrongly accused of the murder of Anastasia’s science teacher. During the night he experiences nightmares and often chooses not to sleep, simply to avoid these horrible dreams. When he sees an advertisement about Holloway Lucid Dreamers, he thinks it’s a godsend.

He goes to the branch thingy and chooses his LDI – Anastasia Holloway.

As this is Ana’s first time being an LDI, she is nervous, and Lyson is a sharp-tongued, witty man who wastes no time teasing Ana. Their relationship at first is rocky, but when Ana discovers Lyson’s secrets, she will have to learn to get along with him.

What is this secret?

I’m not entirely sure. Something to do with him having abnormal powers while he lucid dreams.

I want the whole book to kind of be, like, spy-ish and awesome. There’ll government conspiracies, guns and shooting, spying, being sneaky, midnight meetings, and corrupt agencies looking to use Holloway Lucid Dreamers’ neurotechnology for evil. I am also planning to make Lyson and Ana accidentally blow up the Eiffel Tower, and I want the bad guys to shoot people walking down the Champs-Elysees. This is convenient because in my trip to France (July 11-July 4), I’m going to Paris. When I write about Paris all the details will be fresh in my mind.

Well, that was rather long. Sorry to have bored you.


P.S. Who’s doing Camp Nano in July?


4 thoughts on “Writing.

  1. Congratulations on the finishing of your novel! That’s so many words!! :O

    It’s always great being able to do things with others. Also, I adore Bibbidy Cabbagepatch. 😉

    Your idea is so cool! I love the idea of LDIs! It was quite an enchanting plot. I love it.

    Me! Me! Well, maybe. I think I’ll write about RA or this one idea that’s been in my head forever, but I want to save the latter for November. We’ll see!

  2. I’m going to do it since I started to hate my old story and deleted it. I really need to pre write more. I starting to obsess over Sherlock; I finished all of the books a while ago.

  3. Ohh congrats on finishing your story!! Omg I’ll bet it’s amazing!!

    Oh my gosh oh my gosh I’m so glad to hear it’s a good movie I literally LOVE THE NEW STAR TREK MOVIE not only because the first one was incredibly clever and threw all the hardcore Trekkies for a loop, but because a) every single actor is INCREDIBLY ATTRACTIVE b) CHRIS PINE OH MY GOD *swoons into the sunset*

    Writing buddies are great! It’s always good to have that extra motivation!

    Ohhh your story sounds incredibly awesome!! I can’t wait to read it! ^^

    I probably won’t be doing camp Nanowrimo, partially because I’m going to try to make like 5 costumes this summer along with PE and work and volunteering, but maaainly because I’m super lazy and non-committal ^^”

  4. Whoa, another novel? That’s a whole lotta words.

    My parents went and watched the new Star Trek movie without us. XD

    Yay for writing buddies! It’s always nice to have extra motivation, and the more help you’ve got; the faster the work goes.

    I can’t do CampNano this year. I’ve got Band Camp and City Band. But I’ll always be here to provide encouragement. 🙂

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