So I wish I could go back and read everyones’ posts!! But like I have to study really badly because I have NO idea what happened in American history 1830-1929 so that’s kind of bad (APUSH exam tomorrow YEAH)

But I’ve been studying all day so I decided to take a break and make up a little iPod shuffle game for you guys! I don’t know how your end-of-the-year schedules are shaping up, but I know that this is a really stressful time for a LOT of people so hopefully this will help you guys unwind if you need to? And maybe it will be fun? I just don’t know though I haven’t written it yet it might totally stink.

I’m going to try a more loose approach and just define sort of the setting? And then hopefully the music will provide the tone of the scene! Maybe. It is a mystery at this point.

1. Intro/Prologue

2. Preparing for the Big Event

3. The Guests Arrive

4. Who’s That Boy/Girl?

5. The Banquet

6. Well that was… Not what I expected

7. Singing on the Balcony

8. S/He heard me/What’s your name?

9. Interrupted!

10. Morning Search/Does anyone know where I can find (X)?

11. My Sister’s Wedding/Royal Wedding

12. Something’s Stirring

13. The Dance

14. Spying/a New Partner-in-Crime

15. Midnight Expeditions

16. We Shouldn’t Have Done That

17. Running/Did they see us?

18. Omens and Consequences

19. Research in the Library

20. Finding the secret passage/a clue!

21. Cornered

22. Fight Back/Rescued

23. Putting it together/We were right/The Kiss

24. Final Confrontation

25. (Near) Death Scene

26. Avenge the fallen

27. Victory (OR Flight)

28. You’re Alive! (Only if you chose Near Death scene and not just Death Scene)

29. Explanations/Apologies/Resolution

30. What’s next?/Confessions

31. Closing monologue

so ok this probably makes zero sense but it’s a combination of brain deadness and the 56789876543 stories circling in my head right now rhdfjhd

Anyway I hope it’s doable?? But most of all I hope it’s fun!

Sorry for the random like rambly post ok anyway back to studying now


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