Are my parents mind-readers?

I’m starting to wonder if my parents are starting to read your minds.

Like I said two posts ago, my mom and I randomly started watching Doctor Who due to curiosity. We haven’t caught up on the new eps really yet, but we will.

And then, not too long ago, something else made me wonder if your minds are being read.

So my dad put some new songs on my iPod and while I was looking through it, there was an extra album among the new songs:

I went up and asked my dad about the album and he said that he thought it would be something I would like. There were 4 songs in it at first: the first four tracks (Stargazers, Gethessame, Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean, and Sacrement of Wilderness). Something about the album cover looked vaguely familiar to me- I could’ve sworn I saw it before. After listening a little bit, I thought, “This reminds me of something Nirry likes.” I searched Nightwish in the blog, and found that Nirry had mentioned Nightwish numerous times and one of the albums she quickly reviewed was none other than Oceanborn! I ended up liking the music and then asked my dad more about the band. He explained to me about the changed singers, and how there are a ton of albums out by them. Looking through Youtube, I found Storytime and Amaranth, both songs I ended up loving. Dad eventually got me the rest of Oceanborn, Imaginaerum, and Dark Passion Play. Here are some of my favorites from each of these:


– Gethesame (I just liked the tune ^_^)

– Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean (the “sung” dialogue was just… wow)

– Passion and the Opera (Also liked the tune)

– The Pharaoh Sails to Orion (the opening had a catchy beat and feel xD)

Deep Passion Play (I just got this one, so I haven’t listened to all the songs from this one yet)

– The Poet and the Pendulum (Wow, just wow. XD)

– Bye Bye Beautiful (I love this song so much. It’s so rock.)

– Amaranth (That song had been stuck in my head for the past week.)

Imaginaerum (there’s a lot of songs I liked from this album o.o)

– Storytime (So much whimsy!)

– Ghost River (It’s both creepy and awesome! And that children’s chorus!)

– I Want My Tears Back (I love this song so much- especially the duets!)

– Rest Calm (I found myself randomly singing the chorus every once in a while XD)

– The Crow, the Owl, and the Dove (It’s just catchy.)

– Last Ride of the Day (Catchy. Again.)

– Song of Myself (I was shocked to hear that I memorized the dialogue from the “Love chapter. Still an awesome song XD)

So yeah. Nightwish. Woo. I figured I’d make a post about something. Has there ever been a time when you think someone else was a mind reader?

BT out!


3 thoughts on “Are my parents mind-readers?


    Ok so like I agree with EVERYTHING you said omg

    If you want any more of their music just talk to me!!

    Dark Passion Play is one of my favorite albums, like I can’t even pick a favorite song off that one because they’re all SOOO GOOOD!!! The Islander though is preeeetty sweet! Also the Bsides for that album have some great stuff too, like Escapist and While Your Lips are Still Red (Omg such a sweet song)

    So speaking of mind readers literally all the songs you picked out of Imaginaerium were my favorite too?!! Holy cow maybe we’re long-lost sisters or something!!

    Another album I think you’d love is the album Once!! It’s really good, I especially LOVE Creek Mary’s Blood, Nemo, Planet Hell and Higher than Hope

    Ok sorry for rambling but I get really excited about music ashdfjlskdfh

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