Ok so I’m supposed to be working on my English paper and studying for my AP Art History exam but it’s REALLY HARD BECAUSE I’m sooo distracted argh!!!

I’m so hyper because I combined excessive quantities of sugar with talking to my friend on facebook about ships, and I kind of have a giant crush on a guy in my class which is such a lost cause but my heart is like a honeybadger it does what it wants


SO we read GG this year in English and it was really good!! I loved how descriptive it was so normally I’d be like, “Oh awesome this movie is going to be totally sick!”

But then

they cast Toby Maguire

as Nick

Like nothing against Toby Maguire, he’s a good actor, but he’s just too… wimpy!!

I thought maybe he just acted wimpy for the Spiderman movies but then I saw one of the trailers and?? It just wasn’t right.

Like in the book, Nick was intentionally reserved in his judgement, but he still stood up for himself and what he thought was right!! And like RHGHG JUST TOBY MAGUIRE IT DOESN”T WORK!?!?!?!

Ok so now that’s out I’m looking forward to everything else about it!!

Also I’m TOTALLY obsessed with the song Lana Del Rey sang/co-wrote for it omg

I’m soooo crazy about this song, I especially love the bell that goes off when she says “Young” and “but” and the whole atmospheric feel–it feels so sweeping and grand and UGH!! It just FEELS like a movie song and I love it!!!

Ok sorry enough freaking out I’m done for now BACK TO PAPERS YAY…

(This paper is never going to get finished omg)


One thought on “*FLAPS ARMS WILDLY*

  1. The Great Gatsby has been on my reading list for much too long! It sounds like a great book. I et the feeling the movie will be a pretty interesting adaption!

    Toby Maguire?? Ahaha, he was always a pretty awkward Spider-Man to me. But I feel your pain! I hate when people miscast my favorite characters. 😥

    That was such a beautiful song! I love the album artwork.

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