Shortie Post

Well, the 25th was ANZAC Day. I don’t know if you guys know about it, but it’s basically where Australians give our thanks to the soldiers who fought for us to give us such a wonderful, peaceful society. #lestweforget

And then on the 26th, George Jones (apparently the king of country music) died, Dad celebrated his 69th birthday, I passed my test of application to my dream school and have scheduled an interview, and Uncle Francis (whom I’ve apparently met but cannot remember for the life of me) died while on the toilet.

And today, the 27th, Dad has decided to do a 10km run to prove that at 69 he is still fit and strong. And possibly to get rid of some bad feelings about his brother Francis dying. Me and my mum are giving him moral support, though, because 10km is a long way for a 69yo. I run the first and last 2.5km with him, while Mum runs the middle 5km, and I’ve just finished my first 2.5km. I’m now extremely bored and decided to write a short post about nothing particular.

And, Rainfall and Sbcpup, don’t stop writing your NaNo novels!

Well, that’s all from me.


One thought on “Shortie Post

  1. Happy late-ANZAC Day!

    That’s pretty nice of you to run 5 km in support of your father, I don’t think I could run 1 km without being like, “Phew, is that enough?”

    I’m really sorry about your Uncle Francis, I hope everything’s all right with you.

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