I procrastinated!

Wow, that’s nothing new!

Except exams and TCAP are approaching really quickly and I don’t even know if I’ll have time to study! I also have this major project I need done by Monday!

The worst part is I STILL PROCRASTINATE!!!!

I’ve spent all my time on Tumblr and currently I am rewatching Vikings. The good news is that Athelstan didn’t die like everyone expected him to. The bad news is that he got rid of his adorable hair and grew a beard. One with a rattail. (collapses to ground in despair)

How does THIS

(swoons in background)

turn into THIS??

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 6.23.45 PM

noOOOOOooo OOO I do not like this new development at all!

The season finale is tomorrow and I’m not ready. Vikings is slowly ruining my life.

It’s been a week of issues, from irrelevant to really relevant. I keep meaning to post, but I usually feel bad if I spam things up here, and my life is pretty crazy/mundane. You’d think that closing in on the school year means relaxation, but…

The best part is that the English TCAP is out of the way and I don’t have to do the Math TCAP. Except my science teacher still drives me bonkers and I still have intense feelings of deep resentment. Along with the urge to stand up in the middle of class and kick over his lab equipment.

One more month! Just one more month!

Anyway, every time I manage to leave the house, my social awkwardness rises exponentially.

On Friday, I went out to eat with my friend and her sisters’ friends. I ordered some sushi, and then the waitress said something else. I didn’t hear her, so I sort of hesitated and just ended up saying “No, thank you.”

I got, like, three sushi rolls while everyone else got their order, plus optional side dishes. And sushi is really hard to eat in public without stuffing the entire thing in your mouth. I managed to spill it all over the table.

I sat there, hungry and awkward as I fumbled with really unnecessarily decorated wasabi.

And then, today, I went with my friend to the Main Street Festival, which is some really big thing with lots of arts and crafts and stands. It was supposed to be fun, but I wore a sweater and it was raining. I was soaked to the bone and trying not to look like the Really Dopey Human from the Black Lagoon.

I stopped at a stand with super neat necklaces! They had dictionary words inside, and I was deciding between “mystic” and “wander.”

I told my friend I had my heart set on buying one and asked the woman selling the necklaces how much it was without the chain. She gave me the price, which was way out of my budget.

A normal person would be like, “Oh, OK,” and leave. I had already told my friend within earshot of the seller that I really wanted one and asked the price, and as you know, I am incredibly awkward. I felt obligated t0 buy it, and I did.

I had five dollars left, and then my friend went and came back with a sandwich and fries for me. Immediately I felt awful and as if I needed to repay her back somehow, so I used my remaining five dollars to buy a giant cup of lemonade for her.

So that’s how I ended up with 67 cents. I don’t have a job or an allowance, which means I have no way of earning money. I spent all my summer job cash on books and this fair. Hurrah.

On the bright side, the charm is really neat!


The whole “post every other day” thing didn’t quite work out. But I’ll do my best to see you in a day and a half!


One thought on “I procrastinated!

  1. Maybe one day you’ll learn to like the beard. ;D I still haven’t gotten around to checking out Vikings, but I’ll probably watch at least one episode before I’m off to France… after watching all of Elementary…

    You can get through this month! Make yourself a priority list, so that instead of procrastinating and feeling bad about it, you can have heaps of free time when all the important stuff is done and dusted. (Though who am I to talk? I have a Priorities sticky note that has remain untouched and unused.)

    Sushi really is an awkward food to eat, but it’s okay if you’re with your friends. If you have good friends, you all talk to each other with your mouths full of sushi and nobody minds.

    That is such a sick charm! I’m so jealous over here. ;( I live by the beach and there’s this market/fair thing that happens ever Monday and Wednesday night, but out of all the seven years I’ve lived here, I’ve never actually bought anything from the market, which is disappointing. All the stuff there is so cool.

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