Yes! I’ve finally reached 50k words, but I think the finish line is about 10-20k away. Ugh.

Oh well. I find that I write lots during class, and today I have five periods where typing madly on a laptop isn’t suspicious because everyone else is doing the same thing. And the other three periods are Art. Today is a great day! (Although I did just have three hours of sleep last night because I was trying to find somewhere to stream Elementary’s pilot – and I was unsuccessful – so I’m going to be acting weirder than usual today.)

Anyway, what else can I tell you…?

Lucid dreaming isn’t going well. I keep forgetting to do reality checks, and this morning I remembered none of my dreams. For all I knew, I could have been lucid dreaming the whole night. However, this whole dreaming business has given me a great idea for my July novel.

I’ve decided to do the July Camp, because I’m really only missing 4 days of writing because of France.

Oh, France!! I’m so excited! I know five swear words in French now

Now I have nothing to type, so… bye.


3 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Congratulations!! That’s a really great achievement, especially a second time! Please tell me you’ll post this one? I’m betting it’ll be really fun to read!

    I’m so happy you’re hoping to watch Elementary! It is amazing!!! Especially Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller, they have really great chemistry together. The season starts out slow, but you get really into it as the episodes progress and Sherlock and Joan’s relationship develops. I think it’s a really progressive series and breaks a lot of TV tropes, so it’s always refreshing to watch something like that!

    Anyway, normally I use this link: You can just change the “1” at the end of the link to the next episode number when you want to continue! Or you can Google “(insert episode title) putlocker” and find a Putlocker link!

    Keep trying! I’m sure you’ll get to it eventually with perseverance!

    Is it July or June? ^^; I’m hoping it’s July, because I probably won’t even have access to internet in June!! Either way, continuing a new novel so soon is great of you to do!

    1. Yes, I will post this one, but only after heavy editing. ^^ I want it to be an okay read.

      Thanks for the websites – I will definitely try them out tonight, if I’m not stressing out over my homework!

      It’s July, yep.

  2. I heard that waking up at inconsistent times (like, 6 am one day, 8 am the next) helps people remember their dreams.
    Lucid dreaming sounds fun, and I really want to try it, unfortunately I’ve read a lot of supernatural horror stories about lucid dreaming.

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