Excuses, Excuses

Ok, so in the next two weeks I’ve got a show (costuming for that show, too), two major projects, and lots of homework as my AP classes push towards completion so we can start to prepare for the AP exams!

That, combined with my regular procrastination, doesn’t leave me with much time, so I may not be posting for a while! (Not only because I’m busy, but because these things will probably eat my life and I most likely won’t have much to post about ^^”)  I might hang out on the Chat just because I get bored while working on homework or something, but for the most part if I’m not on it’s not because I’ve left or anything!! I love you guys and I feel bad every time I totally clock out ^^” So I’m not going to do that this time!!

But yes anyway I hope you guys had a good 4/13! And I hope you have a good REST OF FOREVER. In case I never come back (it’s entirely plausible). But I hopefully will!

OK so this post turned into a rambling I can’t even remember what the point was ok bye.

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5 thoughts on “Excuses, Excuses

  1. Waaah, that’s a lot on your plate! I would probably just dig a hole and hide in it if I had that much to worry about.

    But really, I hope you do more-than-well on your exams, your projects, your homework, your play, and your forever!

    Butyeahbye! Don’t get swallowed by the procrastination beast!

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