six parts of insanity

AKA six parts that are too long.

Also, quick grammar question! Which one is correct?

“Look at you, your hair is a mess –“ along with the rest of my life, “—and you wore that shirt yesterday.”

“Look at you, your hair is a mess,“ — along with the rest of my life — “and you wore that shirt yesterday.”

I have a feeling it’s the latter, but I’m too lazy to Google it.

Well, Friday was the day of the bee and it was actually okay! My goal was to miss less than three and I met that goal. I didn’t make it to the final 10, but my score was pretty competent.

Except, there was this one question: In 1854, Commodore Matthew Perry negotiated a trade treaty with which country?

I immediately thought “Japan”! I remembered reading a book on Japan and learning about its isolation and how it opened up to the west after some American visitor. But then I realized, wait a second, what if the answer is some place like Mali or Indonesia or something?? Japan will be absolutely ridiculous!!!

I second-guessed myself and got it wrong! The correct answer was Japan. Perhaps you may think this is some random tianecdote, but the lesson is not to second guess yourself, because it’s better to go down in flames then end up flailing miserably on the ground.

Also, the second embarrassing part was that I didn’t know what countries bordered the Black Sea, so I ended up saying Turkey even though it’s like the most prominent bordering country of the Black Sea. Why do I do this to myself?!

Part the second: We finally have internet connection!

Our router totally bonked out on us, and I think that was my fault. I went into the settings because my dad wanted me to turn off the security key and there was this giant warning that said “Messing with Advanced Settings without prior knowledge may lead to permanent damage.” But then I was all, I’m going into Basic Settings! Psh! IGNORE.

But I wasn’t going to admit that, so when the Best Buy dude was like, “most routers stop working after a couple years,” I jumped at the opportunity to blame it on that.

But we got a new one, so internet! AHAHAHAHAHA!

Part the fourth:

Camp NaNo. I have no idea who any of my cabin mates are and there’s been absolutely nothing on the message board except for me saying hello and attempting to be friendly.

I also have the least amount of words in the group so far because I only just started four days ago. It’s not going well! I had to choose April even though it’s a month with exams and TCAP and Bees, because in June I’m out of the country. I mean, I’d even possibly contend that April is my busiest month at the moment. So it’s unlikely I’ll get anything done, especially since this week I’ve had so much homework.

Also, everyone has CRAZY word count goals (excluding me since I am an underachiever), so as a cabin we need to reach 240,000. And I’m pretty much the reason why we’re underpar. The good thing is that I’m only planning on 5 chapters, so 10k words is a manageable goal, even if I finish after April — I personally don’t enjoy being rushed by time limits.

AAAHHH a cover is hard to choose as well. I want to go with a painting from centuries ago because I’ve always loved going through old art and learning about it. Old paintings are also out of copyright, so there’s no need to worry about using something without credit.

Except I can’t decide among: (WARNING — some images may be a little disturbing.)


This is “Ophelia” by John Millais. First, it’s gorgeous. Second, it goes in with the whole literary reference thing I have. The title is based off Much Ado About Nothing and an allusion heavily referenced is the halcyon days from the Alcyone myth. And third, the premise behind this painting was when Ophelia sang before drowning. In my story, the protagonist struggles with her own minor and major rivers before an ultimate demise.


I like this one because it fits in with the morbid theme. I don’t know the title, but it’s by an artist called Alonso Gonzales. Knifing off your inner demon is a major theme in my story, and I feel like it’s sort of portrayed nicely with this painting. Plus it’s a lovely piece of artwork!

Rosina John Singer Sargent

Rosina by John Singer Sargent — I dunno, I just really like Sargent’s works! And this is really pretty. And the dress oh my gosh.



Anyway, I was wondering which one you guys would look best? Or if you have any other artists or paintings to suggest?

And now, part the fifth:

VIKINGS. I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while but I suppose I haven’t gotten to it!

It’s a really really really great TV series!! If you love historical dramas, it’s the show for you! You don’t even have to be interested in vikings. I wasn’t, but I’ve still managed to become entranced by this masterpiece. In fact, I only started because George Blagden was starring in it. But I stayed for the attractive people blowing stuff up.

I love anything where I can feel attached to characters. They’re great, especially since all of them are so incredibly complex. For example, the “good guys” have their flaws. And the “bad guys” have their dark pasts and redeeming qualities. I can name, like, 5 characters that I intensely hated before changing my mind about 6 times for each one.

Also I have a massive crush on a priest in this show (George Blagden, surprise surprise), which I’m pretty sure is blasphemy in some way or another. I can’t help it! He’s so adorable and awkward and kind. I guess it’s OK because everyone on Tumblr shares my adoration, but seriously, what a cutie.

Not only are the characters loveable, but the cinematography is great!! And the mountains and beautiful lakes and everything about the scenery yeah WHOA.

It fits in with a LOT of people’s interests, no matter what you like. There’s something for the romance lovers, the action people, the mythology fanatics, the history nerds…I could really go on!

The only warnings I can think of…hmm, well, I wouldn’t really consider this a show you’d want to watch with your parents. Unless your folks are cool with you watching inappropriate implications and scenes abound. There are quite a bit!

It’s also very violent. If blood and guts makes you queasy, it may not be ideal for you. But then, again, I hate blood and guts, but I’ve managed to stomach it so far. Gut stabbing, decapitation, body severing, and throat-slashing…well, you get my drift. It’s vikings, after all!

Currently there are 6 episodes out. You can find each one on Hulu or the History Channel’s website. You should absolutely watch it!

Part the sixth:

I skipped the third part on accident.

WHOA THIS WAS LONG and the word count is almost as much as I have done in my story as well. Whoops.


2 thoughts on “six parts of insanity

  1. I think it’s the latter, too! ^^

    O: Whoa congrats! ^^ And it’s always so frustrating when that happens, urgh! Especially on like scantrons and you can tell that you bubbled in the right letter before, then erased it?? But that IS a very good lesson!! ^^

    Seriously don’t beat yourself up about the Turkey thing!! Geography is one of the worst things, all the countries end up getting all mixed-up and scrambled!

    Aww, I’m sorry your router stopped working!! D: But I’m glad it’s fixed now!! ^^

    OMG all of those paintings are so great!! Does your school offer an Art History course?? If so you should TOTALLY take it! You’d get a kick out of it, I’m sure!

    I’d go with the Rosina one!! I like it because of the really fast, expressive brush strokes–they add a motion and fuzziness to the picture, so if you’re looking for an unstable character it should work out well!! It’s also an interesting picture because, at first glance, it just looks like a happy woman! But the more you look at it, the more dishevelled she seems to get, and her smile seems to get more… sinister! Plus the ominous tone of your story? I think it could be really effective!!

    But then again I could just be reading stuff in ^^”

    OMG I saw ads for that!! I just never had enough time to check it out!

    Oh my gosh it sounds amazing!! Attractive people and explosions?? *swoons and faints*

    Why are the priests always so cute?? *Cough cough Sam Claflin cough cough*

    It sounds totally amazing though omg! I’m totally loving all the historic dramas that are coming out, it’s sooo great!

    I can’t wait to read your story!! I know you’ll finish it, and I know that it’ll be amazing!!

  2. Oh, I doubt I’d be a reliable source for grammar questions!

    Congratulations on the bee – I would have done horribly. Everyone in my class has the intelligence to learn the knowledge you need for a bee, but our teachers are French and scatterbrained and don’t know how spell “damage”. (Dammages? Dommages? Damajes?)

    Yeah, so we are really unknowledgeable. We hear Perry, we’ll probably think of Perry the Platypus. And you say Black Sea, we’ll simply think of oil spills or something.

    Congratulations on the new Internet! Lucky duck. I turn on 3G and waste lots of money that isn’t mine, hooray!

    Taking your time is definitely worth it; I’ve written 37k words of rubbish, and I know yours will be so amazing, just like everything you write! I’m thinking of doing a novella next Camp, just 10k, because I don’t have to worry about the days spent in France and I’ll hopefully write a really good story!

    Hmm, I’m kinda torn between Ophelia and Rosina. Ophelia because the artwork and whole idea is so wonderfully eerie, and Rosina because of what Nireth said!

    I’ll probably check out Vikings later, because you have super awesome taste in TV shows. You were the one who inspired me to get into Sherlock and Merlin, and now I love them both. (But HOW DID SHERLOCK LIVE?!!!!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!!!?????) The only problem is waiting for the next seasons and episodes!

    Your post title sounds like a really good story title – just saying!

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