Sandwiches, Daring Tasks and Padding

Sorry for the mini-hiatus (so mini you probably didn’t notice it was a hiatus); I went to Sydney for five days with my dad, where he got really cheap laser surgery. So now he doesn’t need glasses, and he looks really old and strange – but then, at 69 years old, who wouldn’t look old and strange?

I think the worst part was the three days we went to Kings Cross, the sin capital of Australia (or, as I like to call it, the place where people go to get bashed up on the streets for no apparent reason). I was really scared to go outside because about 30% of the people there are mentally ill and shout at each other and scream “I HATE MEAT!” while flicking pork out of their sandwiches. Sadly, I had to go outside because Dad was required to remain semi-comatose for the first few days after the surgery, and he didn’t want to pay for room service, so I had to walk to Coles and buy sandwiches (skillfully avoiding the mental people).

And then at night, you could hear them partying outside until dawn, and when you woke up in the middle of the night you’d look outside and see paper plates and beer bottles all over the pathways. The poor people in fluoro green vests had to clean every morning.

Anyway, time to ramble.

So, I’ve surprised myself by the amount I’ve written for my novel. As of this minute, I’ve written 37655 words in 11 days, which is amazing and totally unexpected. The problem is, I think my plot is going by really slowly. See, I did a detailed plan and everything, and I imagined it to move by quite fast.

37665 words later and Prince Matthew still hasn’t been given the daring and life-threatening tasks to save his precious kingdom! COME ON! wHY IS EVERYTHING SO SLOW?

Well, I suppose it’s not all bad. I might have an actually acceptable novel this time round, with an actual plot rather than a vague idea and tons of padding and irrelevant events. (coughthesweetestwindcough) And I think the novel’s word length might surpass that of 60k. Now that would be exciting! And I’m pretty sure that as long as I reach 50k before the end of April (which seemse very likely), I still win, even if I’m still working on the novel after April.

I hope.

Also, I haven’t brushed my hair for more than a week, because I lost my brush and can’t be stuffed to get a new one.


Congratulations for reading through all that rubbish. If you simply skipped to the end, congratulations on your common sense.


2 thoughts on “Sandwiches, Daring Tasks and Padding

  1. Ooh, Sydney! I hope you had a good time there, even with all the craziness in Kings Cross!

    That’s great! 30,000 words is fabulous. I know what you mean about moving slowly; I’m lucky in the fact that I’ve managed to plan a very simple 5 chapter outline. But I’m sure with longer works it’s tough, but keep persevering!

  2. I’m glad your dad doesn’t need glasses any more! It’s so cool what they can do these days, even with super sensitive things like eyes!

    Oh my gosh, Kings Cross sounds terrifying! D: It was smart of you to stay indoors, and it sounds like you and your dad handled it very well!

    Oh, wow!! Congrats on your tremendous success!! 8D And don’t worry about the plot, I’m sure it’ll be awesome! Sometimes the slow plots are the best! If they move to fast, it’s kind of like, “Well, wait, where did the story go?!”

    Omg lucky!! I can’t skip brushing my hair for a day or it turns into a huge knotted mess!

    It wasn’t rubbishhhhhhh!!!!

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