It’s about time, 20th Century Fox!

I waited.

And waited.

And waited for the Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters trailer.

I was waiting since who knows how long. But on April 1st (no joke), it finally came.

Okay, first of all, it seems like Fox is FOLLOWING THE PLOT. And yes, I did notice that Grover was in the camp and in the Gray Sisters taxi, but he wasn’t there when the group was talking to Hermes. (BTW, that was hilarious)

Secondly, it’s about time that Clarisse and Mr. D were casted! Clarisse looks kinda pretty however. Annabeth’s hair is finally blonde (although I think people who didn’t read the books would probably think “Why the heck is Annabeth blonde all of a sudden?”). After seeing Stanley Tucci as Roderick in Jack and the Giant Slayer, I think he really fits as Mr. D.

Rainbow the Hippocampus (or as Tyson puts it, the sea pony), Kronos’ sarcophagus, and it seems that even Thalia’s tree was shown!

I see a lot of potential in this. You better not have messed this up, Mr. Freudenthal.

BT out!



3 thoughts on “It’s about time, 20th Century Fox!

  1. I think with all the fans who had read the books have complained to all their friends who haven’t about Annabeth’s hair. 😀

  2. OMG For a second I thought the loading gif was actually a loading picture or something! ^^” Hehe!

    But YAY! It’s always great when trailers come out! And I’m glad they’re being more faithful, I heard the first movie deviated from the books.

    But WOWOWOW, it looks so great!!

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