Victory Lap!!

As of two nights ago…


So now I can take mORE drawing assignments (and I promise I’ll actually do them this time)!!

I’ve been on a kind of princess dress obsession kick, so I wanted to draw everyone their own custom princess dress!!

My friends and I had some fun with it when we made a SUPER COMPLEX princess dress generator/M.A.S.H.-type game. And then the fun was trying to make what we got look good!

Anyway, it would help me if you would fill out the (g) items in this form, and there are more options if you want to get really specific!

Read More because of the long form!

(g) Skirt Length:
(g) Top Fit: (Like the top half–tight, loose, tunic-y, corset, etc.)
(g) Skirt Type: (Poofy, drapey, mermaid etc.)
(g) Sleeve Length:
(g) Sleeve Fit: (Tight, poofy, drapey, etc.)
(g) Special Notes: (Any patterns/borders you’d like featured, particular color combinations, etc. (if none this is optional!))

  • Bodice

Top Collar Cut: (Sweetheart, straight across, scoop-neck, high collar, etc.)
Lace-ups: (Lace-up on the front, back, sides, or a combination of these)
Adornments: (Borders, piping, lace, etc.)

  • Sleeves

Cuffs: (If no cuffs just ignore this; embroidered, lace, etc.)
Layers: (Do you want a drapey oversleeve and and a tight undersleeve?, etc. Please specify length for both!)

  • Skirt

Adornments: (If Deco Panel with a pattern please give a pattern/general idea of pattern desired; those poofy things, over-drapery, etc.)
Open Front: (Like when the skirt has layers and the top one pulls away; flower decals, pattern, poofs of pulled away fabric, etc.)
Layers: (Multiple layers of tulle? Translucent fabric of one color over solid fabric of another? etc.)

So that’s basically it ^^” If you have any questions just ask away!! Also if you want it to be styled after any dress of a certain culture, let me know, too! (Like ancient Norse, Celtic, etc. (this might make some things N/A, but that’s OK! I’ll do my best to work them in!)

UGH SORRY this got really overcomplicated really fast! :s

But thanks for sitting through this ^^” I really appreciate your attention!

(Also sorry for the delay!! Something else popped up, and I didn’t want to promise anything I didn’t have time for!)


2 thoughts on “Victory Lap!!

  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment!! It’s really nice of you to be doing this for us! ^^ I hope oyu don’t mind if I fill out a form!

    (g) Skirt Length: Knee-length
    (g) Top Fit: Corset
    (g) Skirt Type: Drapey
    (g) Sleeve Length: Elbow
    (g) Sleeve Fit: Loose
    (g) Special Notes: I’ve always admired Steampunk style! 8)


    Top Collar Cut: Scoop-neck
    Lace-ups: Sides
    Adornments: n/a

    Cuffs: n/a
    Layers: n/a

    Adornments: Lace in the skirt in a couple of layers, perhaps? If that makes sense? ^^;
    Open Front: n/a
    Layers: I love skirts with totally random and uneven layers that sort of drape over one another, so go crazy with your imagination on this one! 8D

    I hope it wasn’t too complicated or demanding! I wish you luck on whatever dresses you may draw, please feel free to mess around with anything at all!

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