The Croods!!!

So I just got back from seeing The Croods with my Grandparents and I have 2 things I really want to talk about!!

The first thing: the movie.


I loooved it ahhhhh!!!!

The animation was FANTASTIC!! You can totally tell that the animators put a lot of thought into the textures and colors and character designs, but mainly the real gritty textures, like rocks and the wiry hair. It was just soooo UGHGHG like I could go on for DAYS about how great Dreamworks is in general about getting detail right! But two things that had the greatest impact on me were the textures in the hair and the canyon they lived in at the start of the movie.

The hair in this movie was just GREAT! I know that most movies have characters with different hair textures all the time–like Brave! Merida’s hair doesn’t look like Elinor’s and Elinor’s doesn’t look like Lord MacIntosh’s, but Merida’s hair looks like her brother’s and (kind of) her father’s.

In The Croods, everyone’s hair is unique! Like Eep’s hair looks like her mother’s, color-wise (Sort of an awesome mix of red and brown–and not of chunks of red hair and chunks of brown hair, it’s like these tiny individual hairs mixed together, but it works amazingly!!), but the textures are so different! You can’t really tell for the most part, but after Ugga lets her hair down you can see that the texture (or at least how well they keep it) is totally different! Ugga’s hair has this smooth, graceful wave to it, while Eep’s hair has this kind of wild, wiry look and it just kind of sticks out crazily!

my hair in the morning

(This isn’t really a good example, but I couldn’t find any good pictures of her hair down. But you can still tell how shiny and smooth the portion in front of her headband is!)

It’s really interesting because someone thought this all through, and this design applies to their characters! Ugga’s the sort of peace-keeping mother (especially between Grug and Eep) and smoothes down a lot of situations! But Eep’s the one who just won’t do what she’s told, kind of like her unruly hair!

And the people hair is ALSO different from the animals’ hair! And ALL THE ANIMALS’ HAIRS ARE DIFFERENT!!! Like the colorful tiger (if he had a name it escaped me ^^”) has this sort of soft but kind of matted-in-some-places looking hair, and it makes sense! The longer parts are kind of tangly, and the shorter parts are more separated! And of course Belt has this sort of thick, slothy hair that’s completely different from the tiger’s!!


They do such a good job of making the characters look dirty and grimy!! And I think the minute I fell in love with the film in the trailer was when they emerged from the canyon covered in this layer of dust, it just looked SOO GOOD!!

And the canyon they first lived in? Oh my god it was legitimately perfect!

My family took a trip to Canyonlands in Colorado one year and the canyons looked EXACTLY like that one! It was just soo well done, and the characters didn’t look out of place!

But anyway, I could go on about how much I LOVED all these quirky, awesome characters, or how cute Guy and Eep are together (AHH!!), or about how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Grug (Poor guy, though!), or about how FANTASTIC Sandy is, or about how it made me STINKING CRY LIKE 20X BECAUSE IT WAS SO GOOD, but I feel like this post is already much too long and I still have another thing to talk about!

Although this isn’t… it’s not a good thing.

Subject number 2:

Something that (in my opinion) shouldn’t exist. Because it’s based upon something that wasn’t really that good in the first place. And because it’s being produced by the WONDERFUL animation studio that brought you pretty much all of the horrible Disney sequels.

That’s right, I’m talking about Planes.

No. NO. NO.

Like I understand that Disney made a lot of money with Cars, and that’s great!! And I understand that Cars 2 was probably just to make more money, and even though it was kind of lame, it still involved cars. But Planes is about PLANES GOSHDARNIT!!! That’s like… not even the same universe!!

To make things brief:


Going to Read More because I accidentally posted like a super long and unnecessary rant because GOSHDARN IT THIS FRUSTRATES ME!!!!

So before I even dive into the animation (FKJDRFHSJ KILL ME) I’d just like to discuss some conceptual stuff. Just because maybe you guys can help me??

So Cars was kind of cool to me–or, at least, the world was. I wasn’t a big fan of the story and, to be honest, I really just could not stand any of the characters. But I thought it was kind of cool how these machines functioned in that world! How everything was catered to fit the cars, how everything was a car, basically I just liked seeing all the clever stuff they worked in!


The selling pitch is “Above the world of Cars…” and it’s like, “Okay, so they just exist in this sky world, I guess that makes sense! Like birds are different from humans I guess?” But then in the trailer there’s a plane-shaped butte and there’s not a car in sight on the land and maybe it’s just because I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the first movie but ISN’T IT SUPPOSED TO BE CAR-SHAPPED? Like are there different nations for the cars and the planes and the boats and the motor homes and whatever else they’re going to shove into this!?!

And in the trailer, at first I was encouraged! The planes looked sleek and not all chunky, but then they started talking…


Their mouths did NOT match the words. Like at all! And it wasn’t even like they just took a track and played it over where it didn’t belong, but their mouths were just not moving when they should have been.

And the more that I think about it, the worse it seems! Like in Cars, the cars were capable of some movement! Like they could bounce up and down, swing left and right, move their entire fenders when they talked, but really, how much can you do with a Plane? Make it flap its wings like a bird?? So it’s kind of a double-edged sword, the planes probably won’t be able to have as much expressive movement, but, then again, they won’t be too hard for Disney Toons Animation Studios to animate.

Which is another thing.

Ok, I will admit, I am prejudiced. I like to think that anyone can make a good animated movie, even if the models are kind of cheesy looking or not very well textured or the background is weak, but the animation HAS to be good. You can have a simple, grey sphere, for god’s sake, in MAYA that has a personality and is interesting just by the way you move it around and change its shape! But going back to the thing I said about planes earlier–How can you shift a plane!?! They only use wheels when they’re on the ground, so you can’t have them bouncing around as much, they talk from a slit in their nose cone so you don’t have the fender to play with–all you really have is a kind of limited mouth and the eyes to make expressions! Either those expressions have got to be spot-on, or you’ve got to have some really good writing and directing to pull that off!

But back to my prejudice. I just don’t know if Disney Toons can do this movie! They’re the ones that are responsible for all of those Disney sequels…

I’m not even going to go into that.

I mean, I didn’t hate all of them (When I was little I liked the Little Mermaid 2 more than I liked the original, but that’s not saying much–I was never really into The Little Mermaid and one of the WORST things about TLM2 is how unfaithful it is to the original characters!!!) but most of the animation was awful and a lot of the times, they really missed the points of the first movies!

I mean, I don’t want to knock them THAT much because they made the Tinkerbell movies recently (which, I’m not going to lie, I do enjoy), but the animation still isn’t on par with Disney, and it’s DEFINITELY not as good as Dreamworks or Pixar, and they really REALLY sweeten Tinkerbell up. Plus, she’s really the only un-original character, so they don’t really get the chance to characterize anybody else wrong.

But SERIOUSLY, an animation studio NOTORIOUS for terrible sequels is now doing ANOTHER SEQUEL. And it’s a sequel (If you can even call it that??) to a movie that wasn’t that good to begin with that already HAS a sequel that really didn’t need to be made!!

I understand that the Cars franchise earns Disney a lot of money and is pretty popular, but SERIOUSLY. Disney makes enough money already, you’d think, and it just seems so unnecessary to try to cash in on it even more, and with such a completely pointless and confusing movie!!

AND THE STORY TOO!! Like… from what I could tell it was…

A plane that liked to… race?

Like I’m sorry but wasn’t that the first movie?

Except with a car?

Because racing is a thing that cars actually do???

I mean I don’t know if they race planes or not, but seriously, this plane in the trailer is like a FARM PLANE THAT SPRAYS PESTICIDES AND IT OUTFLIES TWO JETS.


I just don’t understand. The story DOESN’T MAKE SENSE, and for a sequel it’s seeming an awful lot like a cheap rip off!!!

ARTHG I’M SORRY for all the inaccuracies and the super long rant but it’s seriously like…



But anyway, back to the positives, you should DEFINITELY go see The Croods (SUPPORT DREAMWORKS MY FRIENDS!!) and I’m just blown away by how amazing the animation is!! I’m also looking forward to the next Tinkerbell movie from DisneyToons, and I’m really pumped for Frozen from Disney Animation!! My friend and I have already planned costumes–she’s going to be Anna and I’m going to be Elsa!! AHAHAHA!! (Well, based on the concept art, that might change!) And oh my GOD AM I EXCITED FOR TURBO AND HTTYD 2!?!?! I THINK SO!!!!

Anyway, again–SEE CROODS IT’S AMAZING!!!!


8 thoughts on “The Croods!!!

  1. Wow! Lovely reviews!

    I am now very excited to watch the movie The Croods!

    I agree about Planes. I think they are making more money out of the while idea. Oh well.

    I think I am going to be watching these movies soon, so at least I knows ahead to expect!

    1. O: Thank you!!! The Croods is AMAZING, I know you’ll love it!!

      And just like, I guess I’m OK with Planes as long as no one makes me watch it? It frustrates me, but really, I don’t have to involve myself with it. Like it’ll probably make a bunch of 5 year old kids happy! So that’s good!

  2. The Croods sounds great, I love watching movies and knowing that a lot of thought was put into simple details! I haven’t really considered watching it before, but I know I’ll definitely take up the opportunity if it arises!

    Ahaha, that sort of reminds me of that old TV show that always creeped me out…Jay Jay the Jet Plane? It’s totally irrelevant but it just crossed my mind! Ahh. Memories.

    Sequels, though. You’re totally right, the majority always make me cringe! I’m kind of witholding my own opinion since I know absolutely nothing about animation, but I’ll take your word for it, since you bring up very valid points!

    1. O: Yay!! I’m glad you’ll think about seeing it!! ^^ It’s not really as well-developed, story-wise, as Rise of the Guardians or HTTYD, but the visuals are AMAZING and all the characters are so fun!!

      Oh my gosh. I never saw that, but to this day Jay Jay and Thomas the Tank engine SCARE ME. Like trains are cool and stuff, I had a toy train set when I was little, but it’s like they were trying to give children nightmares or something!! D:

      I mean, my issue with the movie is less the animation? I mean, while it’s bad, it’s like OK, it’s a studio that usually has a lower budget than the big studios you see really good movies from like Dreamworks or Disney or Pixar, and, honestly, as long as a movie has good writing and you can tell they put EFFORT into the animation, I’m fine! But just the story confuses me? Like it’s a plane that’s afraid of heights??? Uh… is that like a person that’s afraid of walking? And in the trailer it’s like they didn’t even try to make the mouths match!! DisneyToons did the Tinkerbell movies, so we KNOW they can! I don’t know, it all seems kind of thrown together to me!

      ARGH sorry every time I talk about this movie I seem to flip-flop all over the place and type up an entire novel! There’s just something about it that bugs me, and it might be that I’m kind of biased against DisneyToons, but if the movie is bringing joy to little kids and they’re genuinely enjoying it, I can’t argue with it that much! I mean, that’s the point of movies, and if I don’t enjoy it a lot I can’t exactly condemn the movie for not fitting MY personal preferences!


      You are very brave to take my word for anything!! ^^” I usually change my opinions on movies a LOT depending on who I talk to about it!

  3. 1. I saw the Croods, and was impressed by the visual aspects of it as well. BUT the hair didn’t stick out to me! I was too busy looking at other things (That’s the thing about this film, there is so much aesthetically going on). But reading your review, I do realize that the hair was well done.

    2. I haven’t even seen the trailer to Planes. I’m kind of scared to.

    1. Oh, I know!! It’s such a lovely movie!! The scenery, colors, and creative animals are captivating as well!!

      Oh man. There’s one out there that’s actually pretty good (I found it looking for the bad one ^^”), but the one I saw at the movie theaters was just… I couldn’t even believe it was for real!

      1. Yeah, I’m very curious about Planes. I’ll see it, but I’m not sure if I’d pay the dough to see it in theatres! During the Croods I found myself saying out loud “Oh wow!” It was visually fantastic.

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