Guess whose birthday it is?

Happy happy birthday, Nireth! I hope you have a lovely one and it’s full of magic and dragons.

Thank you for everything you do for us and being a great friend!! We all think you’re the coolest viking maiden to ever roam the galaxy!

Three thirty three hundred cheers for Nireth! Hurrah!

Jack Frost sends all his love!




8 thoughts on “Guess whose birthday it is?

  1. O: Oh my goshhhh!! Thank you so much!! :’D The picture made me start laughing and crying at the same time and I don’t know what to say!! AAH you are soo sweet!!

    I’m so blessed to have friends like all of you guys!! Thirty three thousand hugs out to all of you!!

    But oh my gosh Rainfall my grandmother got me this INCREDIBLE book of Scottish Fairy Tales and I can’t wait to tell you about some of them!! They’re soo cool!!! 8D

  2. Happy birthday Nireth! Hope you have tens of millions and thousands of dragons to light your birthday candles!

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