Oh, I forgot to put a title…

So I’ve been neglecting this blog. D:

Actually, not really. I check it every day, but… I just can’t be bothered to log in to comment. Forgive me?

Anyway, a couple of things. I did the entrance test to the awesome school I was talking about. There are, like, seven others I know applying, which was pretty cool because we all got scared together.

And, wow, did we have reason to be scared. The test was so darn hard, and I just felt stressed the entire time. I usually finish my tests before everyone, but I didn’t get to finish any if the three tests (so when the supervisor said time was up, I randomly chose my answers). But I suppose they had to make the test hard, otherwise how would they be able to rank us?

I also did a piano concert on the same day. It was pretty nerve wracking, but it was just a casual little concert for first time performers. The majority were tiny little kids giggling the whole time.

And I was really worrying about my novel, because I didn’t really have a plot. But then I had a sudden brainwave and wrote down all these ideas on the bus. It was actually quite an amazing feeling.

Basically what happens is, Pandora goes to another dimension (Mir universe) and meets the Beings. People of the destroyed Astewell come to Mir asking for aid, but Mir refuses because of tight funds. That’s when the curse begins – people turning to glass, water turning to bugs… The prince of Mir decides he must save Mir, and so when Eliana prepares some tasks to prove his worth, this is Aren’s chance to strike at the heart of the royal family. Pandora must protect him… Blah blah… It is Merlin-esque, but I think that once I start writing it will sound really original. I can’t wait till April! It’s also perfect timing, because that’s when Term 1 holidays start (though only for two weeks).

(I went to my cabin and Rainfall and Sbcpup aren’t there! Grr! And the cabin mates I do have have not responded.)

Year 9 is really stressful. You’re just cruising along, doing some homework here and there, until BAM all these tests and assignments come all at once. I’m getting really anxious all the time, but today – Monday – is the beginning of the last week of Term 1 and I think that most assignments and tests are over. I still have an English oral to do on the deathly powers of the iPod, and a poster for the poo system of our body, and a couple of tests.

On the bright side, Art is super fun! Too bad I accidentally put permanent marker on the back of the best realistic drawing I’ve ever done and it bled through, but then again, life isn’t fair.

Why do people always squish me on the bus?!?

This girl sitting beside me has frizzy hair that’s tickling my face like a freaking… duster!

Anyway, au revoir!


6 thoughts on “Oh, I forgot to put a title…

      1. It was originally 35k, but I decided to put it back to 50k. 😛 The oldest in my cabin is 25… honestly, my cabin preferences weren’t listened to. I want people in my age group – get adults who look big and mature. I want people writing in my genre – hello action, thriller, romance and parody. I want you and Rainfall – no can do. BLERGH

        1. Oh, mine is 10k because I’m new to Nano. There is an option to be put in a different cabin in the preference thingy. I was just searching random people up when I saw a 50- something lady. I just asked for my age range- around 13.

  1. Best of luck on the test! It may have been hard, but you never really know until the results come in. I believe in you. *sparkles shoot out of hands*

    That’s a really neat plot! It seems super duper interesting and I hope you’ll put it up when it’s complete! I’d love to read it!

    Noo, I really wanted to be in a cabin with people I knew! D8

    School is always stressful! It’s nice you can find enjoyment in art and creativity, though!

  2. Aww, I’m sorry!! That just sounds like it was a rough day 😦 But I know you did phenomenally, you always do!! ^^

    Oh my gosh I love your novel idea! it sounds awesome!! And you’re right, serendipitous bouts of inspiration are just magical!!

    I’m sorry about your cabin!! D: But I’m sure you’ll make lots of NEW friends along the way! ^^

    O: Oh nooo, I hate it when that happens! D: But if that was the best realistic drawing you’ve ever done, I’ll bet your next one will be even better!!

    Oh my gosh the girl next to you! Is she Merida!?!?!

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