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So in Science, we had a quiz on our mobile devices. I used an Apple product, which, if you have one, you know annoyingly autocorrects everything that it suspects is suspicious EVEN IF IT’S A REAL WORD!!! We have a love/hate relationship because if I turned it off, I would have typos everywhere.

Anyway, so I was typing in my answer when I couldn’t remember all the characteristics of Chordata. So I punched in the ones I did know, but then added something like “Cincinnati table Orlando” in the middle of a sentence. I needed more than what I had, and I fully planned on blaming autocorrect if it came to it.

So I submitted the quiz and shrugged it off.

But I just checked my online grades and I got 15/15. I’m still cackling really loudly.

But my troubles still aren’t over…the quarter ends on Wednesday and I still have a test, a project, and an exam. I’m mostly concerned about my project because I meet the criteria for AP Human Geography next year unless I totally bomb it…which I will, because my teacher claims that making a presentation won’t cut it and some sort of demonstration should be involved. I don’t do anything that requires my stage fright and fear of audiences to go beyond presentations.

High school classes are really tough to map out, especially since I have to choose a Fine Arts class and a Physical Education. Me + physical exertion = nO!!!!

I have the grades for all Honors classes, which really sucks because if I didn’t then my parents wouldn’t force me to go through with all of them. I don’t want a large workload because I am a massive procrastinator as well as a miserably bad academic thinker.

For the Fine Arts class, I guess I could just go with Visual Arts, but I’m really not an artist and I don’t want to have to grace this earth with miserly attempts at art assignments. Piano sounds nice, because I could learn another instrument, but my parents won’t be on board with that because it will interfere with violin.

In all, I am not looking forward to April (the state bee that I haven’t studied for!), June (two plane rides across the Pacific and a month of struggling with awkwardness and Mandarin), or August (back to school — blegh).

Got anything planned for the next school year or summer?


2 thoughts on “Academic ramblings

  1. Autocorrect is definitely bittersweet. Every time I type “nitronicky” it autocorrects to “button icky”. It’s especially annoying when I have to type in French and can’t be bothered to change the language, though I can’t really blame autocorrect for changing everything to English words. But my sentences would be totally unreadable without autocorrect.

    Summer? Meh. I’ll probably just lounge around, I guess. Next school year? Internet time = approaching zero. Study time = approaching infinity.

    I’m a huge procrastinator too; I have never once done more than half of my piano homework, and as for school homework, there’s always at least one thing I haven’t done. I need to join a club called Procrastinators Anonymous. D:

    Good luck in the spelling bee!

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