Hiatus holy cheese

Wow! Hey guys! It’s been a long time! ~

Man oh man, I can’t believe it’s been like, forever! I haven’t been on here since, what? SEPTEMBER TWELFTH? OF TWENTY TWELVE?

Holy cheese balls. I feel like I’ve been on hiatus for about 7 months!

…oh, wait.

Well, betcha been wondering what the heck I’ve been doing all this time!


Ha, no, just kidding. But I’ve been on a really long hiatus because I’ve been busy with school work and everything. I just forgot to update this a bit. =P

Anyway, so, eighth grade has officially been a blast so far! Too bad people are saying it’s worse in high school yeesh But me and my friends are making the best of it. C:

I’m officially fifteen years old as of January fourth of ole’ twenty thirteen. >w< One more year and I’ll be a swingin’ with the big kids! 😀

So, you guys remember Nathan, right? Mr. “I-have-a-huge-crush-on-Miley-and-I’m-way-too-shy-to-ask-her-out-again?” >w> Well, I realized a few weeks back that I was crushing on him and now him and I are dating again. >///w///< He’s actually much better, better than the last time though. Guess a guy really can change. >w> All I can say now is that he’s definitely the apple of my eye right now. >///w///<

OKAY enough of that. NOW FOR THE ENDING GIF;




5 thoughts on “Hiatus holy cheese

  1. Hello!!! It’s so lovely that you’re back!

    Wow, it’s nice to hear that 8th grade is a blast. Honestly, it really lifts me up to know that not all 8th graders around the country are suffering deep anguish (like me)!

    Happy late birthday! January kids unite!

    Aw, you two sound really sweet together, and it’s great that you worked past your differences! I’m totally happy for you.

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