Sorry for the Hiatus!

Ick, sorry!! I’ve had a lot of homework lately (My history teacher is trying to push us through as much material as quickly as possible so we’ll be ready for the AP exam!) and I’ve actually done some sewing for the first time since winter break!!

I’ve also got a bunch of sewing to do, but I’ve got all this weekend to do it! I plan to knock out my homework and just spend the entire weekend crafting, YEAH!!

I’ve got to dye all my fabric first, though, which I plan on doing tomorrow, and after that I can get going!!

My illustration project is also underway; I’ve got all the drawings finished and I’m going to color them and give them to my patron! We had a while where we couldn’t meet, so we’re running a bit behind! He’s really cool and doesn’t mind though.

Also, I went to a Renaissance Fair for the first time!! AND I GOT A NIGHT FURY!!

it's half past a night fury!

It was really fun!! I went with a totally AWESOME friend from school (She’s one of my best friends and went dressed as Eilonwy!)

All of the craftsmen were sooo skilled, it was insane! And so were all the performers!! They were perfect, especially this one woman who went around collecting money in a seashell! She had a beautiful singing voice and kept singing awesome songs like the “Misty Mountains” song from The Hobbit! AND SHE EVEN SANG “A NOBLE MAIDEN FAIR” I was cRYING and she like looked at me and I gave her a thumbs up and I started crying!

So anyway, it was awesome!!

Oh, also, the toothless dragon is called a “Dragon Pet”!! Their website is here, they don’t just make night furies!! They had all sorts of sick merch, it was pretty insane!



One thought on “Sorry for the Hiatus!

  1. Your weekend sounds like it’ll be oodles of fun! It’s nice you have it planned out, I wish I could manage my projects!

    :O Whooooaa! You look absolutely great with your Merida costume and dragon! I would give my soul to go to a Renaissance Fair! It sounded amazing, I’m glad you enjoyed it there!

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