Last night was really sad, yet it was the best night of my life. I went to a farewell party with Melo at my rich ex-classmate’s house, complete with swings and pools and tons and tons of food.

I just kind of hanged around the trampolines and food table and talked… but when night came around, that’s when I went crazy.

Half the people were swimming, and I had brought my swimmers but didn’t want to swim because it would be awkward. (Long story.) But Jeremy kept urging me to go in, and I kept refusing until I yelled out “FINE!”

So I convinced Bianca to swim with me, and as we took off our shoes this is kind of how the conversation went.

Bianca: “Are we gonna do this?”
Me: “Yes, yes we are.”
Bianca: “We’re really gonna do this?”
Me: “Yes, we really are!”

And so we cannonballed together into the pool, still dressed in our normal clothes, and we both agreed that it was the best thing we’d ever done.

I thanked Jeremy, and then stole Dylan’s inflatable crocodile.

It was pretty stupid to do that because when we got we were freezing cold and clothes were clinging to our… um… womanly curves.

It may not seem much, swimming in our clothes, but the adrenaline rush was amazing as everyone cheered for us, and I really really really want to do more things like that. Even if Dad goes ballistic when he sees me soaking wet.

I wish I could bottle the memory of me and Bianca holding hands in the air, screaming our heads off.

A bit later the party ended and everyone started crying, which was awkward because I wasn’t. But I hugged Melo for a really long time because I would miss her.

Melo leaves tomorrow morning, and I will see her in France in June. 😀

What memories do you wish you guys could bottle?


3 thoughts on “Farewell!

  1. Sounds like you had fun. ^_^

    My friend and I did the same thing in her pond. It’s pretty fun.

    Aw, at least you get to see her in June. I’m sure you’re already looking forward to it.

    I’m sure my 8th grade graduation’ll be a good one to bottle. Why can’t it just be May already?

  2. Woooow, that sounds amazing!! I’m sorry you have to say goodbye to Melo 😦 But I’m glad you’ll get to see her again!! ^^

    Oh my gosh though, aha, jumping in the pool sounds like so much fun!!

    I would like to bottle lots of memories!! But they’re all rather silly! ^^”

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