Pessimism & the Oscars

You know those bad weeks that are only going to get worse?

I don’t feel like ranting because it’s really irrelevant and I’m sure you all have better things to do than hear me complain, but I’m really nervous and guilty and tired and all these things at once AND THANK EVERY DEITY ABOVE THAT THERE IS NO SCHOOL TODAY!!!

I had to do something social Saturday and GOSH I AM SO AWKWARD HOW DO I CONVERSATION.

No need for me to be ridiculously unhappy at everything! Everything that fell down on me will surely pick up (at least, I can only hope that).

  • For one, my grades still aren’t spectacular, but they are a lot better than they have been in ages. I only hope I can keep it steady until Spring Break.
  • For another, I’m in the middle of transporting Photoshop onto my sister’s old Mac. So even though my poor little laptop is broken, I can still use it on this one! (I just hope it works!)
  • Oscars!!!!!!!!

To be honest, I don’t really watch Awards shows. I didn’t even watch the Oscars last night.

But I did bother to watch the Les Miserables performance online and [sobs]

Not gonna lie, it wasn’t OMGSOGOOD!! — but Samantha Barks and Ramin Karimloo man oh man.

Samantha STOLE THE SHOW FROM EVERYONE no joke I could feel my heart soaring because whooooaaaa that was amazing!!! And you could see Ramin Karimloo for like a two-second shot and I was all fangirl-y for that too.

Aaron Tveit and Samantha Barks were like two inches away from each other and that totally fueled my Enjonine feels.

But George Blagden wasn’t there. So whoever didn’t invite him — I hope you’re happy.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I’m not an awards show person. I actually didn’t know the Oscars and Academy Awards weren’t two separate things until yesterday. So, I don’t really know any of the nominations or who won — but I guess, congratulations to all nominees and winners!

Who were you guys rooting for? What were some of your disappointments?


3 thoughts on “Pessimism & the Oscars

  1. Ohh, man, I know what you mean! Just going to the store takes effort and good behavior and it’s hard!!

    Aww, you’ve got this!! Your grades are going to skyrocket, I can feel it!

    O: Ohh, neat! I’m glad you can still use photoshop! ^^

    I didn’t really watch the Oscars (And, Nicola, they’re a series of awards that are given out to movies/shorts/actors/musicians based on their work! (I think??)) except for the ANIMATED MOVIE AWARD AND BRAVE WON BRAVE WON BRAVE WONNN

    When I saw that I started like rolling around on my floor and laughing and crying I was SOOO happy! I’m actually kind of glad Rise of the Guardians didn’t get nominated (EVEN THOUGH IT SHOULD HAVE X500) because then I would have been conflicted, no matter who won!! It was bad enough, having both Brave AND ParaNorman nominated (PN is another really great movie oh my gosh)

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