Battle of the Beings Boot Camp Challenge

I’ve probably been spending too much time on FanFiction, because that’s where I got this idea. I’ve noticed that we don’t really write much about BotB anymore, so this challenge is to get your creative juices flowing and create more BotB writing!

How it works:

I have a list of 50 prompts and you will write one story per prompt. That story can be anything; a drabble, a one-shot, a poem, or an installment of a multichapter. Just make sure it’s over 100 words.

You should then post your submission as a subpage of the Stories page or as an actual post, and comment with the link plus the prompt used when you’ve finished a story.

The stories must be BotB-related. There are no deadlines whatsoever, as I know a few here don’t like writing under pressure. ^^

Does 50 stories sound like a lot? Maybe. But you have your whole life to complete this Boot Camp.

Prompts: (take these in any way you want)

1. Serendipity
2. Close call
3. Murphy’s Law
4. Storm
5. Insane
6. Combat
7. New leaf
8. Hidden
9. Broken glass
10. Whispers
11. First rays of sunlight
12. Evanescent
13. Onyx
14. Poetry
15. Oracle
16. Floating
17. Spirit winds
18. Let them soar
19. Enchanted
20. Poverty
21. Malice
22. Trapped
23. Dusty
24. Black as night
25. Crimson
26. Sibling bond
27. Speak of the devil
28. Human nature
29. And then there were none
30. Royalty
31. Only in your head
32. Grim
33. Returning home
34. To-do list
35. Blackbird
36. Love kills slowly
37. Never before
38. Sin
39. Defy
40. Déjà vu
41. Breezy
42. Mountaintop
43. Words are immortal
44. Trust me
45. Our galaxy
46. Better than the rest
47. Masquerade
48. Glimmer
49. Shiver
50. Forever


5 thoughts on “Battle of the Beings Boot Camp Challenge

  1. Important! If you want to sign up, first specify whether or not you’re okay with others writing about your character.

    On that note, I give consent for anyone at all to write a story about Pandora.

  2. If I write it will be slow and possibly not ever done… But I give consent to people if they wish to write about RC and or Cobalt!

  3. I am totally OK with people writing about RA! In fact, I would be totally flattered!

    This is cool! I do something similar with my own short stories — I even have a large document with prompts — but I haven’t thought about doing it with BotB. Sounds fun!

  4. Whoa, neat! I love this!!

    I’m totally going to do this!! (When I don’t have like 6000 pages of history notes to take ^^”)

    Feel free to use Nireth! Although I kind of need to give her character a facelift, so no rush on that one ^^”

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