Sunshine and Rainbows

Things are looking up, finally.

I stood up to Ally, me and Gabby talked to our super friendly chaplain about Rachel, and I’m doing the Kokoda Challenge (70 something kms to walk). I have every single season of Charmed and Melo and I have passed the awkward point, and into the stage where we can be crazy around each other. I have plot bunnies popping up everywhere and there is actually edible food at my new place.

The only downsides are that it’s raining while it’s sunny, which I hate, and I’m on the bus squished in a seat up the back. God knows how I’m managing not to suffocate.

Today when I get home, I’m going to do my minimal SOSE homework, stuff myself with cheesecake and sit in front of the TV with Charmed. Melo’s in Sydney right now, so I get a break. Yes, today I will enjoy myself.


3 thoughts on “Sunshine and Rainbows

  1. Today it was sunny and starting raining/hailing! I got out of class to go to the bus and I was thinking: Dear God, only here…

    I was wrong!

  2. Yay, I’m glad things are getting better!! And I’m glad you’ve been finding more support in your friends, that’s awesome!!

    Ick, the bus seat sounds like no fun! D:

    But it’s awesome that you’re doing well!! You’re an awesome person and you deserve the best! ^^

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