I have too many links! And a story idea! I have too many stories, too!

First of all: I am on the chat again!


The Valentine’s event on DragCave began two days ago!

You can send users flowers!

I have one so far!! 8D

I am Doglover49! (I know, I made it when I was going through my dog phase!)

What are your usernames? I’d love to send you all flowers!

Third: I sort of neglected my Stories blog and One Word, but I’m sort of reviving?? :O

I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about this story I’m working on — I’m always the person who thinks a lot and does little action.

Anyway, I have this so far!

I would love love love your constructive criticism.

I desire as much input as possible!

Title: Unsure, thinking maybe taking form a quote from Much Ado About Nothing? “Dear Lady Disdain,” “Of frost, of storm, of cloudiness,” “The virtue that possession would not show us”

I really like “I Gave You the Stars” or “Winter and His Friends.” Perhaps something simple, such as “The Outlier” or “The Psyche Fault.”

I’m even considering “Halcyon Days”. From the Alcyone myth.

All of them would have some significance in the story, but so far only “I Gave You the Stars,” “Halcyon Days,” and “Winter and His Friends” do!

What do you think?

Plot: I got the plot all written down! But I can’t explain it without it making no sense, since I don’t want to give away the plot twist!

If I don’t reveal the twist, this is basically it:

Amelia is bored, weary, and suffering from absolute misery in her dull school. With friends and parents that regard her as a hopeless case and teachers and students that belittle her, she’s quite the sardonic freak show. It is all just as well — Amelia isn’t that fond of them in return.

She’s not special, unique, or even the resident oddball: she’s simply Amelia; precarious, disturbed, and unpredictable Amelia.

Her anxiety and instability begin to take a rise and her life starts to get a lot more unmanageable.

One day, she meets the opposing force in her life. He’s everything she isn’t: Charming, handsome, funny, and witty. They both do happen to be quite sarcastic and passionate for their ideas, though — it’s hard for them not to butt heads and snark over the small things.

Amelia has always been the hopeless romantic and daydreamer, so it isn’t too surprising she’s falling for him.

Her friends begin to notice her change in behavior as Amelia becomes more defensive and delirious.

[insert plot twist that I can’t tell you guys about!]

I know it sounds like a romance, and usually I try to avoid those! But I assure you that the main theme is societal standards and dealing with people.

It’s just so hard to pull it off as one because I can’t explain it thoroughly!


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