Valentine’s yeeeaaah! (but not really)

Join me on the chat mayhaps?

I don’t really like Valentine’s Day.

Not because I am a grumpy single, but mainly because it’s overhyped, for both those in relationships and those complaining about not being in relationships.

Either way, I wore my “Doesn’t care about your lonely soul” Enjolras shirt yesterday. I didn’t want to seem too mocking, but I felt the occasion fit!

I got some valentines from my friends which was pretty lovely of them, except by the end of the day I had consumed 4/5 of my chocolate.



Marius is kind of a doofus, which is why I never particularly liked him.

I contemplated printing multiples of this out and passing them around, purely because it cracks me up!

In other (repetitive) news… my science teacher still drives me mad.

Today he asked me how I got electricity and in pure smart alec spite (I have a lot of pent up malice against him), I responded “I turn on a switch.”

And he said, “But where does it come from?”

“The electric company.”

“Yes, but how?”

“They take the electrons out and send them through.”

“Through? How?”

“They’re already there.”

“Through what, though?”


And he finally gave me an exasperated look and turned to another person and asked them the same thing. Their answer? “Wires.”

And he was all, “Yes! Wires!”

Yeah, not like I just said that!!

And he told me, “You gotta stay focused.”

Mm…no thanks??


One thought on “Valentine’s yeeeaaah! (but not really)

  1. AHA!! That’s an awesome wardrobe choice!!

    Giving out Valentines is so fun!! Especially the funny ones from Tumblr?! oh my gosh!!

    Ahh, I’m sorry about your science teacher!! That’s a total bummer because a good/bad teacher can totally make or break the class!!


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