Super-Hero and a Smackdown!

My school hosted a blood drive today!! I’d been wanting to donate blood for a while, and today’s being Valentine’s Day just seemed like too much of a coincidence!!

So I gave blood, and it was awesome!! It was pretty cool, actually; my doctor/nurse/I don’t know what to call him?? was really funny! They put little samples of my blood into test tubes, which he called “Vampire Snack-Packs”.

And it didn’t hurt at all!! I mean, I’m really not afraid of needles or blood (and I have a pretty high pain tolerance), so I may not be the best person to hear this from, but it was not at all scary!!

Anyway, I felt like a super hero! But I felt bad for my friend; he couldn’t donate blood because he was born in England when Mad Cow Disease was an issue. He was super pumped about it, too!! (Aha, pumped ^^”)

And then after school, two of my friends, one of whom is a 7th grader (who is very mature for his age), the other of whom is a year older than me, were having a conversation about Pokemon.

Basically, my friend that’s older than me LOVES Pokemon, but my 7th-grade friend doesn’t care much to it. So they had a little smackdown that went something like this:

Older Friend: Do you like Pokemon?

7th Grade Friend: Not really… I don’t play it any more.

Older Friend: Why don’t you play Pokemon?

7th Grade Friend: It’s for children.

Older Friend: You do realize you’re talking to a 17 year old that plays Pokemon?

7th Grade Friend: Yeah…? It was always too easy, even when I was little.

Older Friend: (Lightly slapping 7th grade friend’s head) Come on, everyone plays it! It’s so fun!

7th Grade Friend: (Turning to me, talking about older friend) She’s obviously a Pokemon nut who doesn’t do anything but play Pokemon when she’s not doing homework.

At this point I just about started CRYING I was trying not to laugh so hard!!

And what makes it even better: My seventh grade friend is SUPER tiny–I mean, boys don’t have their growth spurt until 8th-11th grade (And even after that!), so it’s basically this tiny, seventy-two pound kid with a slight speech impediment (his “r”s come out like “w”s) taking on this eleventh grader.

It was REALLY funny, but I had to intervene to keep my older friend from slapping him around, which made me a little upset with her.

BUT ANYWAY YES!! Today was a good day!

How was your Valentine’s Day??


2 thoughts on “Super-Hero and a Smackdown!

  1. Oh, that’s so cool that you got to donate blood! I’ve always wanted to, but not the opportunity! It’s really neat getting that feeling of satisfaction, knowing you could help someone in a time of need and such!

    Pokemon! Yeeeeaaah! That’s an amusing conversation, though! It would be so funny to witness it!

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