Roman Numerals

Hey guys! I’m all pumped up to ramble on my phone in the dead of night. You ready? Okay, let’s do this!


I was just watching an interesting show called Making Couples Happy, where these really good psychologists try to salvage the rotten remains of four couples’ marriages. At the end of the episode, they suggested a website and my phone was within reach, so I didn’t have to physically exert myself to go on the website (phew)!

Basically it’s a happiness test, with a final score out of a hundred. I really recommend you take it, so we can compare results. Click here to take it.

My score?


I suppose I’m not as happy as I originally thought I was, but now that this test has made me think about life, I can see how. Coincidentally, the happiness average of Australia is also 62. What’s your score?


Rant time. I suppose the main reason my score is quite low for a twelve-year-old is that the people closest to me are frankly quite horrible.

You all have read my boring rants about one of my “best friends” Rachel, but I doubt I’ve talked to you about Ally.

She is actually a really horrible friend to have, putting me down constantly and making me feel worthless. Sometimes her insults are direct, and sometimes they are really stupid and make me grit my teeth, such as “Reading music is for nerds.” I would stand up to her, I really would, if I weren’t so spineless.

Just as with Rachel, there are periods where I absolutely freaking hate her, and periods when we can have a good laugh. With Ally, we can be weird and do cartwheels in pleated school skirts and it doesn’t matter, and that is what I love about her. Sometimes, though, the negative outweighs the positive.

The only close friend I like is Gabby, but she mostly reads.


Melo! Ah, I shall update you on the status with my dear French buddy.

Well, I’m just wondering how it’s humanly possible to have so many awkward silences.

I mean, even I am not that socially inept. But what the heck do you talk about with a girl who doesn’t understand what you’re saying unless you speak really slowly? I’ve asked her about life back in France, and how she likes Australia life, so basically all conversation topics have been exhausted, so now we are lapsing into what I will now dub the “Silent Period”. I call it this because it’s the period when we’re not totally comfortable around each other and there is no conversation, but eventually we’ll become close friends and won’t even have to search for a conversation topic (I hope).

I think I bore her really badly. There is next to nothing to do at my house. The most fun thing we managed to do was chess on the iPad.

She’s terribly homesick, according to her French teacher, and I’m not surprised at all.


Extra randomness now. Welp, I just got my laptop. In our school we have a program where students can take home school laptops, which is pretty bloody cool. My wallpaper is of Super Prosperous Chinese New Year Bunny.

I forgot half my school books and all my piano music today.

I suck at sight reading.

My class is probably one fifth as intelligent as my class from last year. *wails*

I like being in Year Nine, but I haven’t got a chance to bully any Year Eights yet.

I just checked out the new uniform for the school I’m moving to next year and almost vomited.


-expletive deleted.


Now my hand is cramping.


3 thoughts on “Roman Numerals

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    So, I’ll take that test when I get home, but I just wanted to say that my mom bought Holographic Scooby-Doo Valentine’s and I’m passing 72 of those babies out today at school.

    A 10th grader doing this. 😀

  2. I’m really bummed to hear your score is so low!! I hope it shoots WAAAY up into the atmosphere! You’re amazing, and you deserve to be really happy!!

    Also, I’m so sorry about your friends!! D: I know this sounds hard, but highschool is a time of new beginnings!! Maybe you can make one of your goals for Year Nine to find a new group of friends to hang out with?

    Anyway, silly suggestions aside, I really super hope you get friends that treat you well!! It’s just not fair!! 😥

    O: I know you’ll make great friends with your French Buddy!! My school has a really active foreign exchange program and at the beginning of the year, half of my theater class was foreign exchange students that didn’t want to say anything. But a few weeks in, they loosened up, and now I’m really close with a lot of them!! You just have to keep trying to build that bridge!!

    OMG YOU COULD NEVER BE BORING!! I demand you STOP THAT right now!!

    Wow, the laptop thing is super cool!!

    OMG I once left ALL of my music in the art room!! I felt so foolish ^^”

    O: Oh my goodness, I’m sure you’re good at sight reading!! Not to mention it’s OK if you’re not–sight reading is hard!! D:

    NOOO don’t bully the year eights!! If you are nice to them, they’ll respect you for it!! Some of my best friends are underclassmen because I never pulled the “older=superior” card!

    So I scored a 37?? I think the test is broken!

  3. I got a 31 which is pretty awkward! (after retaking I got a 34, which is slightly better I guess??) I think my downfall is that I worry too much and that I can’t go towards my goals! ^^;

    That’s a funny coincidence though!

    Aw, I’m sorry about your friends! I can’t really suggest anything except to be patient with them! We are all people and our annoyance quotas truly vary. I’m sure that they have redeeming qualities and I hope that you may find them. Otherwise, best of luck!

    I’m sure she’ll warm up to you! I find that that is the case with a lot of people! You guys will get along like old buddies in no time.

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