Ils Arrivent Bientôt!!!!

I’ve neglected this place for an eternity or four, maybe five days! I don’t have time to comment because I’ve really got to get to sleep, but guess what?

My French billet is arriving here in Australia tomorrow morning at 9! I’m going to my school with my other classmates and we’re all probably going to be sleepy zombies. Apparently we’re going to give them boomerangs when we see them.

“Welcome to Australia! Here is a boomerang, because we totally use these. Enjoy.”

Our mission for the whole Sunday is to keep them awake until 6 so they can get over their jet lag. Me and dad will be showing her around the place, and we’re going shopping for whatever Melo likes to eat. (Sounds fun hey?)

Anyway, the Head of Department for French Immersion said that phone/computer time is limited to fifteen minutes a day, which means I won’t be able to check her often. Well, unless I go on my phone at night (which I really need to stop doing).

So, wish me luck with entertaining Melo!


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