More Freeverse e_e

So, I’m sitting right in the middle of my school’s swimming carnival, dying of boredom. The only upside is that I have shade from the sun. Thought I might as well post the next two poem thingies.




that’s what they think of when they hear your name

it might seem nice to any outsider

to be represented as a raging flame

and you like fighting fire with fire

they would burn with your touch

but they never think about the other side of you

there is no light without darkness

no heat without cold

and no fire without a cool, peaceful calm

they fail to realise how much effort you put into your calm side

they can’t see

they are blind.

why won’t they open their eyes?

you know why.

the fire is too bright

the anger envelops you

and the fire takes over the calm

’til you’ve nothing left but the darkest thoughts

and you’re trapped in a cage you built yourself


he saw you at your most vulnerable

dressed in nothing but shimmering water droplets

and you were



all your secrets stripped away from you

he swept you away

with his discreet glances and upturned lips

and you fell hard for him

even though he’ll never love you the way you love him

you love his charm and humour and his cobalt eyes

and he loves your body.

not your personality

not you

just your body.

and you know it.

such a sad love, dear raelynn

with an inevitably sad ending

your fairy tale’s already ended

and it’s time to face reality.

he will never love you.

you brought this upon yourself

you knew your relationship was headed for doom

but you kept on giving your heart to him

piece by piece

and now there’s nothing left but a few broken shards.


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