So sorry for not commenting on posts! I do read them, I’m just lazy. ^^” Anyway, I thought about writing free verse because I love reading it on FanFiction, and I thought I’d practice with the BotB characters. Only done two so far, but I started about twenty minutes ago.

Raven Avelina:

what are you, raven avelina?

you call yourself a wise being –

don’t make me laugh.

all that lurks beneath that icy mask of coldness

are the smoky tendrils of evanescent memories

and the dying flame of wisdom now forgotten.

what are you, raven avelina?

what are you without your wisdom?

simply a girl with a mask

and if someone were to whisk away that mask

you would have nothing but your liberty

and now even that’s slipping out of your pale fingers

you’re clutching at the walls, trying to breathe, trying to figure out who you are

but you already know.

you’re just the girl with the mask.

you pushed everyone away,

so no one is listening.

game over, raven.

no one is listening.

Thunder Ninja:

stop feeling sorry for yourself, baby girl

no one likes a self-pitying person

you’re a dancer, just remember that.

you may not be as smart as raven

you may not be as skilled as phoenix

but you can dance away your troubles until there’s nothing left

but a flame that can never be doused.

you are a dancer,

and everyone wants an encore.

you are a dancer,

and no one wants the curtains to close

because no one else can dance away meaningless thoughts like you

you are



you’re not just a dancer

you’re a warrior

and you know you’re just as good as the rest

because you don’t need




to fight for what you believe in.


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