A tianecdote


wow I am lame

no but I am in a happy mood because I got a 96 on my math quiz so that means I got everything right except the one I skipped! even though I got a 63 on my English outline because I forgot to include a conclusion whoops!!

so this is just spirit-induced rambling

So, I was thinking about school and everything that’s happened.

And I was inspired by Nireth’s amusing school story!

I have one of my own — it’s quite extensive and a little over zealous. 8)

This occurred in December of 2012, right after I had finished the book Les Miserables.

Naturally, not everything was meant to be serious, but I think more of a fun thing! Still!

Flashback time!

It started with this guy. We’ll call him John.

History class.

He was a super intelligent and loud-mouthed person who obviously had a lot of influence on the teacher — he managed to institute a monarchy and crown himself heir to the throne as well as bestowing a ton of titles upon himself.

He gave me the title of court scholar as well as overseer of Scandinavia.

Well, cool and all, but I started noticing his head getting bigger and bigger. He even pinned up a list of laws he had written up that was reminiscent of things like the Alien and Sedition Acts, the anti-Bill of Rights of 1689, blasphemy laws, etc.

Basically, you weren’t allowed to say anything about the institution, John, or the teacher (at that point, her Majesty). If you were ‘suspected’ of disloyalty you were subject to having rights taken away and execution. It went on and on, disguised in fancy language.

I confronted John — and he told me, “I can write and manipulate any laws I want! She appointed me law maker after all! So I have every right to do what I want!” Well, this didn’t bode well at all!

So I began my schemes of revolution.

I started by consulting other classmates, gathering enough people to sign against him, and of course John began the road to incriminating every signer.

I drafted a Bill of Rights with two unhappy people and presented it to her Majesty.

John was annoyed. So he tried to get rid of me. I heard him tell two others to falsely testify against me and get me executed. Of course, John is a very very good speaker, and he easily wormed his way out of everything. If I brought up a violation he committed, he would only counter with something irrelevant. He thought prestigious language could throw everyone off his trail.

Eventually I stood on a chair and began to rouse everything with my fabulous speech of equality and rebellion in Les Miserables fashion.

We marched around the room, but they abandoned me as I was confronted by John — in Les Miserables fashion again!

I argued my case to the teacher, and eventually we got an election for representatives.

But everyone began arguing over who and how and what and such.

It all delved into chaos.

And John and I were threatened with suspension.

That was all on the last day before winter break, so when the bell rang we all left the matter unsolved.

But I’m someone who is very idealistic and passionate about equality and justice!

Which is one reason why I absolutely adore Enjolras.

He reminds me of a more dramatic and driven version of myself. He has more courage, vision, and fervor than me, but there’s still something there. I love his sense of justness.

When I read the book, I saw shades of my craziness and exaggeration. He easily became one of my favorite characters.

And then came the movie…

I feel like I’m too in love with him when he inspires a mini-rebellion!

But come on…Aaron Tveit!



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