Just another day in art class…

So this is going to be a short post, as it is 1:00 am and I have 2 shows tomorrow and also Grandparent’s day and homework!!

Anyway, my art teacher has all these random old toys, one of which is a Jack-in-the-box.

So my friend is like, “What happens when you wind it? Does it actually work?” (this is the same friend that I’m writing the Twilight-inspired Loch Ness Monster Romance Novel with)

And then my teacher was like, “Oh, yeah!! Try it!” And she convinced him to shut the Jack-in-the-Box and try to wind it to make the Clown pop out!

So he winds through the entire song (“Pop goes the weasel”) once, and nothing happens. At this point, pretty much the entire class is watching with baited breath!

My art teacher convinces him to wind through it again since he was holding down the lid (She told him to, but she had just meant hold the box to keep it from sliding across the table as he wound it.). He did, and he got to the second to last note and


The clown pops out.

I’m pretty sure everyone jumped, but I actually screamed and fell on the floor. I mean, I’m not sure what I was expecting…? But then we all started making jokes about the movie, “Elf”, and how my friend felt like Buddy.

But yes, we really do have some interesting times in art class!! It’s pretty fun!

What is your most amusing class? And why so?


One thought on “Just another day in art class…

  1. Oh, that’s so funny! Your art class sounds so great!

    I would be terrified!

    I like how you mentioned Elf, the scenes with Buddy and the jack-in-the-box are so amusing!

    I like English the best, we only have 11 kids in our class and the majority of them are my friends, so I think I really come out of my shell in there!

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