Ohmygosh x2

Okay so I should be memorizing this speech I have to give tomorrow, but instead I was taking personality quizzes and:

what KIND of princess are you
Your Result: hyper princess
you eat too much sugar all the time!!!!!!!people think that you have a problem with eating too much sugar and then jumping allover the place!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU NEED TO STOP!!!!!!!

This is possibly the most accurate thing I’ve ever read about myself.


Ok so not quite ^^” But she left a candle without a tray under or glass around it or anything, and it set fire to the bookshelf!


I had to throw water at it to put it out ^^” I felt pretty cool but also VERY lucky!!

And this is the second time that this has happened… HMMMM…

Have you guys ever had any close calls?


7 thoughts on “Ohmygosh x2

  1. I ran into a wall at age 5 and almost had to get stitches on my chin! Well the part of your face where its above your chin but below your lip. My teeth went a little bit through.

  2. Hmm… Once when I was 6 or 7 I had a stupid idea to put out a candle with a tissue, of course it caught fire, so I put the tissue on the table and ran to tell my mom, who put it out. Also when I was 5 or 6 I was sliding on ice in the parking lot and I slid into a car door. No stitches were needed.

  3. What a close call!

    I don’t recall any close calls, but then again I don’t recall anything. D: However, I do trip a lot… once I almost fell onto a knife. And once I touched an iron with my elbow and I have this permanent scar.

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