Scary Weather

Oh hey guys. So what’s new? Wanna know what’s new with me? Nothing much, I’m just IN THE MIDDLE OF A CYCLONE.

I don’t know if you guys have seen anything in the news about Australian floods yet. The cause of the floods is this huge storm and apparently it’s only going to get worse. It started with a little bit of rain two days ago and then turned into heaps of rain and really strong, loud winds. I thought I was fine in my skyscraper, until I learned five minutes ago that a pane of glass exploded from the 48th floor. So now I am super scared.

My city hasn’t been touched by the floods, but we’re getting the strongest winds and highest seas. Especially for someone like me who lives right next to the beach.

In a crazy move Dad and I went down to the beach to check out the damage, because we thought the storm had passed. Actually, it had just been the eye of the storm. There is so much junk in my pool, and leaves and branches are everywhere. Outside, I saw trees uprooted from their concrete foundations and the light of a street lamp sitting on the road. And I seriously was almost blown on my butt by the wind. Apparently roads between skyscrapers create wind tunnels. It was fun to walk in the super violent wind, until we approached the beach and the sand started attacking me like a bee’s nest. I’ve never seen the ocean so high, and the sand it hasn’t touched is totally covered with this foam that jiggles in the wind.

Now for pictures. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my phone outside, but I have some pictures from inside.

With the pictures of my pool, notice all the branches clumped up together because of the wind, and weird brown stuff at the bottom. One of the umbrellas was uprooted, bolts and steel and all, and is now probably on its way down the street. Chairs and tables have fallen. I don’t know if you can see, but a really heavy metal bin fell in the pool.

The last two are if the beach, but it’s kinda hard to see all the big waves.








One thought on “Scary Weather

  1. WHOAAA!! That’s absolutely insane! I hope everyone’s all right!! D:

    That sounds crazy! I hope the worst of it has passed! D: We’ve been really lucky in Florida and dodged most of the really bad hurricanes, which is pretty surprising!! I wonder what’s with the weather this year?? I know that it’s been like, world-record hot this year, maybe that’s got something to do with it?

    Oh my goodness, that storm made an absolute MESS of your pool! D:

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